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Dell's Environmental Head on Their Recent Green-Up

If you're not as geeky about this whole green thing as we are, you might not have noticed Dell's new strategy to become the green computer manufacturer.'s definitely a significant project, and at its head is Dell's director of worldwide environmental affairs, David Lear. Formerly HP's vice president of corporate, social and environmental responsibility, he's brought his passion and enthusiasm to the world's second-largest PC manufacturer with some stunning results. His recent appearance on CNBC outlined a $25,000 prize for the most environmentally friendly computer design, and under his leadership the company is ahead of schedule to triple its recycling between 2006 and 2009. He was kind enough to join us for an interview, and his desire for his business to wow look it cialis discount prices be the "greenest in the world" seems grounded in a desire to create a win-win situation, where businesses and consumers save money while improving the order cialis world we all inhabit.

EcoGeek: You're at the bleeding edge of the green revolution in consumer electronics. How did you come to see environmental responsibility as a necessary part of your business strategy?

David Lear: Customers and our shared earth expect nothing less than full responsibility. This means investing in energy-efficient technologies, embracing responsible recycling practices, offsetting what can’t be reduced directly, etc., from the desktop to the datacenter. What we’re finding is that what’s good for business is generic viagra good for the environment (and vice versa).

EG: With global warming, overpopulation, and peak oil looming on the horizon (just to name a few), there's a lot out there that could scare your pants off. What do you see as your role in working towards a better world?


Dell's Green Grafitti Wall at OpenWorld

As we noted recently, the people at Dell have committed themselves to being leaders in green technology. Their carbon offset program and other new initiatives have come out of nowhere in the last year or so (their excellent recycling program notwithstanding), and here at EcoGeek we've been watching them closely. Dell is now calling today's generation the "ReGeneration" which, when it isn't cheezy, is genius. They definitely want to appear to generic cialis without prescription be at the head of green, and we're glad to report that they've been following through, setting an example by embracing third-party standards like the EPA's Energy 4.0 and EPEAT while incorporating green ideas from the environmental section of ordering cialis online their IdeaStorm website.

Dell is taking the idea of user-generated content one step further at this year's OpenWorld conference in San Fransisco. You'd be hard pressed to find a better place to put a finger on the pulse of Green IT, and Dell aims to do just that with the "Dell Listening Wall": a low-tech version of Web 2.0-ish user-generated content which asks the question "What Does Green Mean To Me?"

Dell's collaborative effort with the Conservation Fund gives attendees an opportunity to have their environmental vision heard by answering the question in brightly colored ink on a transparent, LED-lit wall. I just got off the phone with Dell spokesperson Sean Donahue, who reports that it's "the most exciting project" he's been involved with in a long time. The entries are being reviewed by Dell executives, and many have already made it onto the Direct2Dell blog.


Wal-Mart Re-Stocking Green Linux Machines

Green-Loving byte pushers, rejoice! Wal-Mart has affirmed that it will re-stock the earth-friendly (well, earth-friendlier) $200, 20-Watt Everex PC, which, as we mentioned ealier this week, has sold out at Wal-Mart's online sales outlet.


The Everex TC2502 Green gPC will again be available at "in the coming weeks," said a spokesman for the company. Wal-Mart began selling the Everex gPC online for $199 earlier this month, but it's currently listed as "Sold Out". Wal-Mart's spokesman wouldn't disclose precise sales figures, but said the gPC "has been one of the top performing desktop computers on cheap tramadol no prescription 180ct over the last few weeks." The spokesman said the gPC remains available at a limited number of brick-and-mortar Wal-Mart stores in the U.S.


One satisfied customer did the math and figured out that you could build yourself something comparable for about $166; however, this would have meant no warranty, having to assemble the comppontents and install the software herself, and in the end she'd have a louder, more power-hungry machine.

To find out if there's a store with the Everex gPC in stock within 100 miles of you, you can visit If you're out of luck there or can muster a little patience, it looks like there will be more just around the corner, and just in time for the holidays. Ho-ho-ho!



Greening Server Farms with....Irrigation?

Between the viagra rx computers, the networking gear, and the cooling systems which keep them all running smoothly, it's estimated that server farms like Google's (now partially solar-powered) consume 1.5% of all energy in the U.S. Only 1.5%, you say... why, that's hardly anything, right? Well, let's put that in perspective... that's still 1.5 quadrillion BTUs every year, or the equivalent of 268 million barrels of oil. At today's prices, that's a dollar amount only Dr. Evil can pronounce.


In the world's most power-hungry server farms, each square meter of electronics can consume as much electricity as six medium-sized homes, and keeping it all at optimum temperature can add up to more than 60% of the bill. Bean Counters take note: One of the best ways to save money in the IT department is to invest in greener technology, which runs cooler and consumes less power. Blade servers using virtualization are going to help HP consolidate its massive data centers into new energy-efficient configurations, and IBM is investing over ONE... BILLION... DOLLARS a year in green tech (mua-ha-ha!), which will save them a projected 40% on their electricity bill.


Sound interesting? The good people over at WorldChanging are putting together a comprehensive guide to Green Computing in Data Centers, which highlights some of the latest innovations in the field. New power supplies, blade servers and updated software represent incremental efficiency gains of 20-50% each. Then there's my personal favorite: liquid cooling.

Water cooling is both more efficient than air cooling and can handle higher heat loads, simply because water is far more conductive of heat and has much higher thermal mass than air. It's been slow to catch on because administrators are paranoid about leaks (water and electronics certainly don't mix well), but systems are available now that have been proven reliable. IBM and HP have water-cooled server racks, and Knurr's even won a design award. The Pacific Northwest National Lab even proposed cooling via liquid metal, so that the fluid can be pumped hydromagnetically, with no moving parts.

Wal-Mart's Ultra-Efficient Linux PC Sells Out

Well...after all the naysaying, it took about a week for Wal-Mart's $200 green Linux PC to sell out of their online warehouses. Of course, it probably isn't selling quite that fast in stores.

The Everex machine, which runs on a power-sipping Via 1.5 Ghz processor, is the first Ubuntu machine to be sold by any major retailer. It's strange that Wal-Mart was the pioneer here, but their constant search for lower prices meshes well with the freeness of viagra in australia for sale Linux. After all, you can buy the buy cheap viagra prescription online hardware for less than the cost of Microsoft Office and get everything you need (except a monitor).

Wal-Mart's sales page is now littered with positive reviews from people who've never used Linux before (and even a couple people who've never used a PC before). The overwhelming theme is that the machine isn't impressive in any way...but it is recommended site viagra no rx just as useful as the majority of Windows machines that roll off the shelves for two or three times the cost (without a built-in office suite).

In the end, it's a lower-end machine that runs blazingly fast because the OS doesn't hog all the resources. That's real efficiency, and if I wasn't so married to pharmacy canada cialis my graphics applications, I'd consider the switch myself.


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