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LifeHacker: Breathing Life into Your Old Gadgets

I love LifeHacker...that shouldn't come as a surprise. I life needs hacking. But today they have an excellent guide to breaking the status quo and making Christmas the time of year when, instead of replacing your old toys, you revive them!

Turn your XBox into a media player, beef up the firmware on your router, revive your old PC with Linux, or upgrade your current PC with simple instructions for RAM, hard drives, or even a new motherboard and CPU.

Suddenly what looks like an old Dell, an aged iPod, or a broken-down laptop becomes useful, powerful and Christmas-worthy!


500 Green Gigs from Western Digital

Earlier this year we got you thinking about the 1TB green-friendly hard drives Western Digital (WD) was introducing. The company is now back in the buy cialis online no prescription EcoGeek newsroom with word of a 500GB hard drive which should satisfy both your storage and lower power consumption needs.

WD's Caviar GreenPower 500GB hard drive is a 3.5-inch SATA drive which its maker says eats up only 3.3 watts while idling and 6 watts while seeking data. This amounts to a described power usage 30 percent lower than other 500GB drives on the market, for an average power savings of 4-5 watts. Environmentally speaking, WD says this equals a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 13.8 kilograms per drive per year.

Specifics of this lower power consumption technology include a balance of "spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms" for power savings, "optimum seek speeds" for less power usage and cheapest generic cialis "unloading recording heads during idle time" to further cut power draw. Each drive is estimated to cost you around $150.


$1000 For an Entirely Off-Grid Computer

Have you ever wanted to take green computing to the next level? Maybe, instead of upgrading to how you get pfizer viagra an EPEAT Gold machine, instead you want to take it a little bit further? want your computer to consume NO electricity EVER.

Well, this Christmas season, you can do just that. This tiny Linux box from Aleutia consumes 8 watts when running at maximum capacity, and it will only cost you around $350 dollars. The rest of canadian levitra your thousand dollar budget goes into a tiny 8-inch, 12-watt LCD screen and a big ol' Brunton Solar Roll to power the low-impact workstation.

You can buy them all together from Aleutia right now. Of course, the system isn't designed for home users...more for researchers and aid workers in developing countries, but it is a fantastic example of what can already be done with existing technology.

Via TreeHugger


CES Going Green

The Consumer Electronics Show is sometimes known for having among the new products announced some which are quite environmentally friendly. The show itself is get pharmacy now going green, making it perhaps the world's largest tradeshow to try and offset the huge amount of resources and pollution which are unfortunately by products of its success.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the annual CES event, said it would be working with to offset the 20,000 tons of carbon associated with the tadafil tradeshow. It plans to do this by investing in environmental projects like renewable energy and reforestation. It will also be offering those attending the chance to cialis pharmacy in india offset their airline travel through the tradeshow's Web site as well as kiosks during the event. Plans are furthermore in the works to use biodegradable food containers and utensils which CES attendees dine with, print all show literature on recycled paper, and so on.

What's perhaps most interesting is the creation of a part of CES focused on "environmentally and good choice original levitra economically sustainable technologies which contribute to the social and cultural growth of the developing world." There will also be some conference sessions focused on helping CE manufacturers enact green practices.

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