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AUG 06

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"A solar keyboard can receive more sunlight and cialis soft gel requires less energy to..."

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Solar Mice Could Save 100,000,000 Batteries

Wireless computer peripherals are awesome. Cords are already plentiful enough in our lives. Which is why I'm a big fan of wireless keyboards and mice. Just plug a receiver into a USB port, and your mouse and keyboard will work anywhere in the room. A worthwhile investment.

Unfortunately, that means that your mouse and keyboard will require batteries. And batteries need to be replaced or recharged. Replacing batteries means toxic waste and recharging them means MORE CORDS!!!

Which is why I can't believe no one has been able to develop solar powered wireless mice yet. Wireless solar keyboards are simpler, because they require much less power and have more surface area. But wireless solar mice are finally being developed, and I'm very happy to cheap tramadol online hear it.

The solar mouse (called the Sole Mio) was designed over four years at the tramadol 50mg tabs Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. You can check out their full press release at their website.

Over time it is estimated that several hundred million batteries could be saved annually on a global scale. The net environmental benefit is still restricted by the high energy content of current PV cells. However the introduction of new types of cialis alternative cheap and energy-extensive PV cells, on which TU Delft and partners are working, would eventually yield an even higher environmental gain.

Unfortunately, so far it seems like the solar panels don't provide quite enough power to keep the little guys running. In tests, it's been shown that they have to be stored on a window ledge in order to keep them charged up. And, of course, long stints with the panels covered by the hand (as of course they will be during use)  shortens battery life significantly. Looks like we're going to need either more efficient solar panels or less power-hungry mice. Luckily, I can guarantee you both of those things are on the way.

Via TreeHugger

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written by Brian, August 07, 2007
Uh, what's wrong with rechargeable AA/AAA batteries? Rarely have to toss them, can swap to use for more than 8 hours (yes I use a computer for more than that long all the 100mg viagra time), and the solar panels on levitra online pharmacy no prescription my roof mean the electricity is free anyhow.
The only problem
written by Hank, August 07, 2007
I mention in the article is that it creates a need for another cord...which defeats the purpose of wireless anyway.

But the other big problem is that, if given a choice, people will opt for the more convenient non-disposable battery.We have a huge problem with that in America...most batteries people use are not rechargeable...for no reason other than not wanting the extra complexity of a charger.
Solar Wireless Electricity
written by christie, August 07, 2007
the first thing that came to visit web site viagra china me to get rid of the cod tramadol orders use of cords and levitra prescription solve the hand-covering-the-solar-panel problem is that you could have a mousepad that wirelessly charges the mouse, using electricity created from a built-in solar panel. This would let there be more surface area for the solar panel to get light with
written by Erik, August 07, 2007
Solar PV is great as a clean energy source, yes. I love it, love it,love it. Please though, look at the big picture. It's better to cut large consumptions of energy and use rechargeable NimH batteries to reduce hazbatt waste for the tiny consumptions. Also, there's the cost. It's yayaya expensive to pay for PV, besides needing solar exposure.
written by TheSimkin, August 08, 2007
Seeing that the mouse moves soo much.... couldn't a small generator be used instead of solar power?

I dunno about most of you, but generally i compute in the dark.

I wouldn't even mind a wind up mouse.. wind it up, it's good for 10 hours or so.....
good idea, but not very useful to use
written by alex, August 08, 2007
This is only here best prices for viagra conceptually a great idea, but probably very unfriendly to we like it viagra on women use. I currently use a wireless mouse but I always forget to charge it and it ends up running out of battery. Using a solar mouse would probably make it worse because I have to put it by a window or something for it to get sun. At work, most people dont necessarily have windows by their desk so I couldn't even charge it at work.
written by Spikedad, August 08, 2007
Why could not a suitably designed mouse or keyboard charge itself up by using the mechanical energy put into it by normal usage ie moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard?
Wind up
written by David Grassi, August 08, 2007
If they can make win up laptops, I would like to believe they can make a wind up mouse, i wouldn't mind using it.
meh... waste of resources
written by Abhi Beckert, August 08, 2007
Wouldn't it be much better to focus on putting solar panels on the roof to power the building?

The annoyance of rechargeable batteries is easy to eliminate by having a cradle to charge the it's great! viagra dosage mouse while not in use (as some of the higher end logitech do).
solar powered mouse matt?
written by Gavin, August 08, 2007
Is there no way that they could fit an area of viagra canada drugs the matt with a solar panel and then somehow conduct the electricity from the matt into the try it canadian drugs cialis mouse? Seems like it could be done to me...
written by Chayoss, August 08, 2007
Maybe something that converts heat energy from the hand into power?
trackballs anyone?
written by eviljake, August 08, 2007
something like the Kensington Expert Mouse... it could incorporate the pv cells around the structure where the hand wouldn't cover it.
Put the solar cells in the mouse pad
written by TrickiDicki, August 08, 2007
Simply put the order cheapest levitra online solar cells in the mousepad and charge the mouse that way using induction charging. The pad can then be as large as necessary to ensure sufficient charging in semi-lit areas such as cubicles and studies.
Body Heat and Solar
written by UntoTheBreach, August 08, 2007
A few years ago there was a breakthrough in converting heat into electricity via electron tunneling between two extremely flat (and close) surfaces. Last I heard these were being developed as small panels or tiles. It's probably not remotely cost effective (yet) to consider this but I'd love to see all devices (not just mice) outfitted to capitalize on a number of energy sources to power themselves:
- electron tunneling (heat)
- Motion winding (like watches that you shake)
- PV (solar power)

Surely a combination approach is going to be the most robust and flexible. The problem will most likely be getting the cost down to a reasonable level but there's no reason why it can't happen over time.
Recharge in your USB port - no cords
written by George Vaccaro, August 08, 2007
The big question that nobody has asked i
written by Hun Boon, August 08, 2007
how much is it going to cost? If it's too expensive, only geeks would buy it. smilies/smiley.gif
Why not a re-chargeable mouse?
written by Jeff, August 08, 2007
Make one with a built-in battery. Plug it into a USB port when not in use. No cords.
That is stupid
written by Gustomucho, August 08, 2007
Why don't they make a mouse-pad out of solar panel and the mouse get induction from it?

Wow, those guys work a whole lot for nothing. It is much simpler to put it on the mouse-pad.

If toothbrush can do it, I am pretty sure mouse can too.

Man the world is stupid.
4 Years for that? LOL
written by Gustomucho, August 08, 2007
I am sorry, but thinking they wasted 4 years on that product is so funny. These guys never learned to generic cialis 10mg think outside the box.

Solar Pad-Induction, a "rechargeable" a la cellphone battery so the mouse doesn't stop working when the sun goes down. Bingo
what about heat powered
written by greg, August 08, 2007
I don't know about you, but a heat transfer from your hand to the mouse could help some with power, after all you'll need the power more when you are using the thing. Which means your hand is we like it viagra prescription label likely to be on it, which to me, if you could generate a heat exchange system and use that to help with power generation (combined with solar) would be even better. Of course designing something like that that would fit into a mouse along with solar panels may be a hinderance...
written by wes, August 08, 2007
Just a side not to all of you bashing the researchers for not thinking of the mouse pad option... I haven't used a mouse pad for years. I know quite a number of people who are the same way. My desk surface works wonderfully with a laser or optical mouse, and the useful area is much larger than with the limitations of a mouse pad. Having the power source generated inside the mouse is the way to go. I like the body heat to cialis online us]non generic cialis electricity option :-)
written by Liar, August 08, 2007
Why don't they get rid of mice and just read your thoughts. That would save more batteries! smilies/grin.gif
keyboard dock
written by ctrl-z, February 28, 2008
A solar keyboard can receive more sunlight and requires less energy to run. Create a docking point on viagra alternetives the keyboard for the mouse so the mouse can extract the excess power from the keyboard.

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