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JAN 17

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"Great initiative. Every such small step would make this planet a good ..."

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Sprint Will Require Green Phones

Cell phones are a big source of e-waste, accounting for millions of phones that are discarded annually. Some steps have been taken to try to make some cell phones greener, but it's been small measures so far. However, wireless network provider Sprint is now planning to levitra sales online require all of the cell phones for the network to have green certification.

The standard for mobile phones, developed by UL Environment along with cell phone manufacturers and cialis 100 mg other industry members, is known as UL ISR 110 (PDF). It is a third-party testing standard that evaluates phones in the lowest priced levitra categories of Materials Use, Energy Use, Health and Environment, End of Life Management, Packaging, Manufacturing and Operations, and Innovation.

The Samsung Replenish is the first handset to achieve certification under this standard. The Replenish is largely recyclable, as well as having recycled content for many of buy discount viagra its components. Sprint hopes to have 70 percent of its handsets meet the certification by the ned of next year.

via: GreenBiz

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What do Samsung desingers do?
written by Mobile app developers, January 19, 2012
But the design of this Samsung phone is written from Blackberry smarts. Doesn't Samsung have a team of designers????
green is good
written by airport, February 28, 2012
Thats great that Samsung is leading the way for green phones, they have great products too
Great initiative
written by Rahul, June 28, 2013
Great initiative. Every such small step would make this planet a good place to live. My company Endeavour also runs it's own green initiative by make sure that the laptop/computer systems are optimized for their usage.

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