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JUL 07

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"I recently just converted to canadian viagra LED lighting for my business . Seeing as..."

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Square LEDs Project Efficient Light in Squares


Like an incandescent bulb, an ordinary LED shines light in all directions. An Austin TX company, Illumitex, is making LEDs that are much more directional. The package Illumitex is manufacturing is a square array of 16 LEDs that actually projects light in a square pattern. (There is a video clip showing this from Greentech Enterprise.) This means, for many lighting purposes - including illuminating signage, worksurface lighting, and so forth - more of the light goes where it is wanted.

While the Illumitex package only puts out 500 lumens, compared to the roughly 900 of a typical 60 watt incandescent bulb, the lighting is comparable, or even better, because the cialis daily directional nature of the square LED package puts all of the light out in the direction where it is needed, instead of spreading it out in all directions. This also means that a light fixture using the Illumitex package would not need secondary reflectors or other directional lighting control, meaning that the fixture could be much smaller in size. And the Illumitex LED package only uses 6.5 watts.

via: Inhabitat

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written by Wouter, July 07, 2010
Ikea square LED strip 3.4W:

so, sorry, not very new.
just put these in a quare and you have the same.
converted to LED HUGE help on my finances
written by erika, July 13, 2010
I recently just converted to LED lighting for my business . Seeing as I knew nothing about which direction to go for and needed a way to find the best choice without being over quoted. My friend told my about Energy Efficient Lighting Calculator
Energy Efficient Lighting Calculator. Its probably not for everyone, but I will say it helped cut down my search to one day! It bascially computes your cost, and money you would be saving for he right fixtures.

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