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FEB 09

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"LED controller A lot of data center power is also wasted because the ..."

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Energy Star for Data Centers Launching in June

Starting in June of this year, data center operators can apply for Energy Star status.  The new rating system will score data centers based on PUE, or power unit efficiency, on a scale of canadian viagra trial pack 1 - 100.

The operators will use an online tool that allows them to enter information on need perscription viagra energy use and operations to calculate their PUE.  The PUE determines efficiency based on the total power used by the cialis 50mg data center, divided by the amount that reaches the IT equipment, not the cooling systems or inefficient power supplies.

That information is then compared to peer performance and based on that a data center is given a score.  A score of 50 is average, while a score of 75 or higher means that the center is in the top 25 percent for efficiency and eligible for the Energy Star label.  The  operator can then have the EPA audit their data center to confirm performance and award the label.

The rating system currently doesn't factor in whether a center uses free cooling or its level of redundancy, but the EPA analyzed over 100 data centers and found that the rating system still accurately scored performance without weighting those variables.  Even so, the EPA will make changes to the system if the need arises.

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Servers and poor software are still the main waste
written by Carl Hage, February 10, 2010
Just labeling the PUE would be a good thing. But so what if 75% instead of 50% of power goes to feed a 200W computer, when a 20W low-power computer would work just fine. It's like having a really efficient water supply system feeding a leaky toilet.

Data centers sell (lease) computers, and try to get people to buy machines with big numbers (high power), and don't push less power hungry machines except on price.

I don't think data centers should get a star unless they have measured and publish the peak/typical/idle power consumption of each server, as well as the overnight tramadol from overseas peak/typical power/web-page under a standard benchmark. None of this information is available from any service I know of.

A lot of data center power is also wasted because the software is often horribly inefficient, e.g. 100x slower than necessary.
how does this affect us?
written by Elemental LED staff, February 10, 2010
We all know that you can make choices about what to buy based on Energy Star ratings when it comes to appliances, lights, etc. But I guess the big question here is: does this translate into consumers having any choice in using more energy-efficient data centers over less efficient ones? Will Google, for example, advertise their rating?
written by Tim Smith, February 10, 2010

I think you're off a bit on what your average data center does. When you say that data centers sell / rent servers your referring to a web hosting company, which is generic cialis from india buying only a small portion of the data center footprint out there.

There are two distinct data center operations: Those run by private companies for use by that company and data centers that lease out space to brand name cialis various occupants.

For a data center that leases space the main concern is power and cheapest viagra uk cooling efficiency, which vary greatly. There have been some pretty amazing advances in cooling methods over the last few years that have greatly reduced cooling costs.

For private data centers you're looking at the big picture since that company is responsible not only for the power / cooling in the data center, but also all systems. It's true that it doesn't matter how efficient a server is within its class if that server is underutilized. An under utilized server is kind of cialis price in canada like commuting to work in a big rig every day, and many companies do just that with their servers. The push for more efficiency within the data center is why there has been such a big push for virtualization in the last 5 years. Just this week I virtualized 6 servers that used ~600 watts each onto a single system using ~500 watts. We achieved a 3100 watt savings not including cooling and reduced the levitra vs cialis total space necessary to house our systems. Best of all there's still capacity to virtualize more systems onto this single system. Virtualization is the real efficiency winner in the datacenter, and every major company out there is making the leap.
LED controller
written by LED controller, March 14, 2014
LED controller
A lot of data center power is also wasted because the software is often horribly inefficient, e.g. 100x slower than necessary.

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