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FEB 04

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"Im writing to you regarding Urban Canteen, llc. We are direct competit..."

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Vote on Your Favorite Green Gadgets

This year's Greener Gadgets conference is tramadol hydrochloride capsules 50mg coming up and best prices on viagra Core77 has 50 finalists for their yearly green gadget award. The entrants include everything from cardboard computers to fancy-looking drying racks. And Core77 wants you to vote on which of the entrants should win the prize. The top ten designs will then be winnowed down to a single winner by a panel of judges.

EcoGeek's favorites (if you're curious) are:

The Tweet-a-Watt: An electricity meter that sends data on your electricity use out to you via Twitter.

The Inlet Outlet: A wall socket that would allow you to plug excercise equipment into your house and help lower your electricity bills while you lose weight.

The Power Hog: A clever way to keep your kids from using too much electricity. In fact, the kids have to pay for the power. They put a quarter in, and the Power Hog lets your child use electricity for a half hour...or whatever you program it for. I'm not sure what will keep your child from just using another outlet when the run out of quarters though.

Blight: A system of venetian blinds that contain both solar panels and electro-luminescent film. During the cost tramadol day the blinds absorb light, then at night they become a light source. Though I'm not sure where the power is being stored, or how it's being transferred from the panel into the it's cool viagra next day storage's still a cool concept.

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written by Clinch, February 05, 2009
Most of the entries seem too gimmicky for my liking, and in most cases, not really necessary, or have a slightly flawed design (e.g. the motion-sensor power-down gadget, anyone who's been in a room with motion-sensor lights will know that they turn off even if you're in the room, unless you flap your arms about ever few minutes).

And while I wouldn't buy any of cialis pfizer the gadgets, I did find the solar-powered-torch quite intriguing, but only really for its transformation ability.
The Inlet Outlet is Brilliant!!
written by Heather, February 07, 2009
The Inlet Outlet is just what every overweight, frugal American needs. It is brilliant. This will really fly. Attach it to the Wii concept and/or the new neuro-exercize machine and you'll have a triple whammy, a revolution. Sports centers could and should become energy making centers. This has the potential to make a huge difference. It just makes sense and is one of those things that feels like it should have been implemented 20 years ago. What a significant added incentive for exercise! Really, this is HUGE. Exercize and heat or light the house. Brilliant.
written by Heather, February 07, 2009
that z always gets there first
Thurston Howell the 3rd Breaks a Sweat
written by MajorAluminumm, February 11, 2009
As a fan of Gilligans Island I have to vote for the inlet outlet.The Professor would be proud.
Wish for the list
written by querkus, February 12, 2009
I Why wasnt the fiber optic lighting systems listed for consideration. Now those get my vote.
written by jeff, February 15, 2009
Im writing to you regarding Urban Canteen, llc. We are direct competitors with Klean Kanteen but manufacture most of our product in the USA. We had the option to go to China but knew we were taking jobs away from the American people. We need American's to buy US made products.

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