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DEC 02

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"I agree with civil engineer and indian cialis generic allison; as long as you carefully eval..."

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Wilderness Society Broadcast Poll

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written by PeggyG, December 02, 2008
I got the Wilderness call-to-action, but the internet is one of the cheap cialis canada few ways we have of informing people before it is too late. We need the young Eco-geeks to save their future. Once those trees are gone; they are gone for hundreds of years. We ought to be planting madly to absorb the CO2, not reducing plant life. I already sent my representative a blistering letter about this, but it takes thousands of wow)) generic levitra india responses to get anyone's attention. How about a little help here!
written by Jessie, December 02, 2008
I don't mind the occasional non ecogeek email but would rather sign up on other websites than have their emails forwarded to lowest levitra price me by ecogeek. So perhaps the links to other groups could be expanded.
written by Angela, December 02, 2008
I don't mind getting an environmentally related message like this, it's fast and effective and these things need to be acted on quickly. I've heard but have not been able to confirm that they are trying to push through the same kind of windfalls for mining and drilling interests.
written by Lynn Miller, December 02, 2008
I'm not opposed to this kind of addition from EcoGeek, but it seems a little late for this issue. I just drove down the coast of Oregon on Hwy 101 and much of what is just try! cheap cialis soft visible from the link for you cheapest generic viagra road (despite the thin curtain of tall trees) is already clear cut and looks like the site of a war (the trees lost). Unfortunately this is liable to continue because clear cutting is the cheapest way to drugstore get lumber from the woods to your new home in the suburbs. Maybe the current overstock of housing in this country will slow down the demand (but increase the drive for cheaper ways to log a forest at the best way to take cialis same time), a Congress that is bought and paid for by lobbyists certainly won't. I suggest that we work on our own Senators and Representatives.
written by Pam, December 02, 2008
I like to be updated with important information and ways that I can help save the world without having to purchase a gadget only. BUT it has been my experience from other organizations that if I give them my e-mail and I sign one petition that I am swamped about the program weekly. I begin to tune the info out.

I agree with the other poster who said I prefer to go to how to buy levitra in canada the other organizations websites and sign up there, not petitions through eco-geek. Perhaps when you send your weekly e-mail you add an introductory note to the cause which would send me to the organization's website?


Nerdfighters rule!

written by Glen, December 02, 2008
Whatever the cause is and no matter how important or urgent it is, piggy backing on an existing mailing list is not the viagra best buy answer. The contents of cialis pfizer online the additional material should not be a consideration. Ecogeek have developed a lot of respect from me in the past. Ecogeek have chosento send unsolicited commercial oriented material to those that entrusted the privacy of their current email address to Ecogeek. If you want to talk about important things, then maintaining ones privacy is a very high principle too.

That said, I thoroughly commend Ecogeek in adding this poll and a means of commenting, to the "additional email".

I see most people have voted that receiving additional emails without their consent is a good thing. I choose freedom over spam any day, and I don't care what the spam has to say. A good cause you say? Then don't be surprised if not everyone joins you in fighting evil with another form of evil.
Just Dan
written by Dan Melius, December 02, 2008
Destruction of the environment infiltrates every facet of our lives. We need constant reminders that eco-terrorists, such as Bush, will always try to look there beta blockers and cialis back-door us every chance they get. Just because Obama will be taking over in Jan. doesn't mean the rest of us can let our guard down. Eternal vigilance is required if you really care.
Communications Strategist
written by Eric, December 02, 2008
I think you have a very strong blog and network without sending other orgs emails. If you want to do it, make sure you get something good back. Adding a link to a non-prof campaign could also make a good newsletter feature instead of a stand-alone email. Best luck, E.
Grandmother, Sculptor, embellisher A
written by Deni McKenzie, December 03, 2008
I think you're doing a great job, and people need to know these facts otherwise they can't revolt. Our GetUp! is a prime example of getting people power to change bad decisions.
Go for it
written by Peter Timmins, December 03, 2008
The Wilderness Society is just a nother self serving "non profit" org that spreads fear to get donations. Trees are a renewable resource... end of discussion. I guess this is their last chance to get some Bush bashing in before Obama comesw on board and REALLY sells out the environment to his cronies and uk viagra without prescription supporters.
please be global
written by renew, December 03, 2008
I would like to support the posts that have said - please add a link and abstract to a favourite cause, but not forward the cause. I live in Europe and while I feel for the levitra pill issue you are bringing forward, I would like to consider that you are enabling participation in other-than-US causes also.

Thanks EcoGeek - I like how you dealt with this.
written by Kevin Coleman, December 03, 2008
Hello Eco-Geek,
I whole-heartedly support the use of one website to levitra canada prescription promote another's work when the issues at stake both follow a similar path. It is all to easy for really important issues to slip under the radar, especially when receiving so many e-mails and having access to so many web-sites.
As always there will be the nay sayers who don't want to play and chuck teddy and the dummy because someone asked them to read something that fell outside their blinkered remit. Well too bad. The natural world is the very entity that has been responsible for our entire existence. Without it we would never have been!
So a little respect for the real natural environment is no bad thing, even for the nay-sayers who don't like getting their little fingers dirty.
Keep up the good work and well done on the Wilderness Society collaboration.
civil engineer
written by civil engineer, December 03, 2008
I'm not a fan of additional spam, but if it weren't for this article I wouldn't have known about the issue. I participated in sending one of the campaign letters through the provided link.

What's important is that ecogeek does its research on the organization, ensuring that it is accurate and levitra costs trustworthy. Though I'd like to see an article in this week's newsletter that covers the levitra generic 10mg subject from ecogeek's point of view.
I love it!
written by Julian, December 03, 2008
I am already a part of i recommend order viagra from canada about four other organizations that send e-mails with "Call to Action" buttons where they have a pre-written e-mail to send to your senators, etc. I think it's an awesome idea for you to how to order viagra incorporate it in to EcoGeek.
Promoting the Environmental Education
written by Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente, December 03, 2008
:)Mankind has always tried to provide itself from nature in order to get indispensable resources to exist but unfortunately with the development of the technologies to conquer these resources, these advances and sophistications started to distance men from his environment :-Now, after all the threatenings We are receiving from the nature´s response, many people have realized about the wrong attitude we are holding towards the place We live and started to educate people to cheap viagra coexist togather that is to say that we were going back on our feet and say no to environment aggresions. An example of these men are our Cuba GSA Team Staff, It is located in Pinar del Río,Cuba. If you want to have further information about our actions and reflections , just contact my e-mail; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
My name is Fernando Valladares and I will be glad to talk to you about this issue, just call us and you´ll see We can be more everyday.
written by Bardsley, December 03, 2008
I had already received the email directly from the Wilderness Society and responded. I don't need duplicate copies for Ecogeek.
written by Allison, December 03, 2008
As long as EcoGeek doesn't send out these extra emails more than once or twice a month, and as long as they're always up front about the fact that they make money off of it, I don't mind.
written by A poor cabinet maker, December 03, 2008
In Hank we trust. You do what you think is right and let others make up their own minds. Keep up the good fight.
It's simply SPAM!
written by Marco Caflisch, December 04, 2008
I'm sorry, but someone has to say it...
There are a lot of newsletter that I could sign up for, but I signed up for ecogeek because it provides me with exactly the information I need and that I want. And I'm very glad for that.
I allready have enough spam and I really don't wanna have to put ecogeek on my blacklist.
If you want to inform, do it with a small link on the bottom of the page...
written by ArchiEcoGeek, December 04, 2008
I agree with those who appreciate the information but feel a bit betrayed by EcoGeek. If EcoGeek feels that a cause is important to their readers they can add the link to their existing newsletters. While I'm sure their intentions were good, I am honestly tempted to remove my e-mail from the EcoGeek mailing list because they obviously do not respect the privacy of their readers. They put what they subjectively deem to be a deserving cause before our privacy. With this point of view, what's next?
Yes, but. . .
written by Sally G, December 07, 2008
I agree with civil engineer and allison; as long as you carefully evaluate the organization and campaign, as long as you make subscribers aware that you are earning money to maintain EcoGeek (free publications, whether paper or E-mail, cost something to create), and as long as you are controlling the mailing, do not give more than one-time use of my E-mail address, and reserve the practice for VERY occasional use only, it's O.K. with me. I like that you added the poll to gage reaction; it shows that you have considered the potential negative impact and didn't go ahead without thinking about subscribers.

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