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1 Making Bio-Based Rocket Fuel Philip Proefrock 7594
2 Enhanced Plant Oil Production May Boost Biofuels Philip Proefrock 9064
3 Bacteria May Provide More Sustainable Biofuel Production Sarah Rich 12698
4 Navy May Still Be Able to Sail Its "Great Green Fleet" Philip Proefrock 14008
5 Audi's Carbon Neutral E-Gas Philip Proefrock 11924
6 Progress in Biofuels Production Philip Proefrock 12330
7 Volkswagen Pursuing Diesel Research Philip Proefrock 13958
8 Germany is Powering Cars on Food Scraps Megan Treacy 16136
9 Disadvantages of Aviation Biofuels Philip Proefrock 11917
10 Panda Poo Could be Key to Cheaper, Cleaner Biofuels Megan Treacy 14019
11 A Win-Win for Biodiversity and cialis canada Biofuels Philip Proefrock 17350
12 Agave Plant Could Produce Both Tequila and Biofuel Megan Treacy 17038
13 Qantas to Produce Biojet Fuel from Waste Megan Treacy 15834
14 Synthetic Gasoline Is Created From Biomass and Solar Power Philip Proefrock 26586
15 Biomass Energy a Harder Sell in the US Philip Proefrock 14518
16 Sweden Now Using More Biofuel Than Oil Philip Proefrock 30389
17 Green Hornet Will Go Supersonic on Biofuel Megan Treacy 31080
18 British Airways Turning Waste into Jet Fuel Megan Treacy 23725
19 Study Says Algae Biofuel Has Dirty Life Cycle Megan Treacy 21500
20 KLM Testing Biofuels on Passenger Flight Megan Treacy 26408
21 Ugly Watermelons Could Make Good Biofuel Megan Treacy 17212
22 Navy Testing Biofuels in Fighter Jets Megan Treacy 16281
23 Zoo Animals Could Hold Key to Butanol Biofuels Megan Treacy 16953
24 Exxon Embracing Algae Biofuels Megan Treacy 16801
25 PetroAlgae Promises Fuel and Food from a Single, Renewable Source Jessica Johnson 21234
26 New Definition for Biofuels: Using Urine to Produce Hydrogen Hank Green 46731
27 60% Slash in Emissions During Jatropha Test Flight Megan Treacy 17360
28 NREL and Google Launch Map of America's Alternative Fuel Stations Megan Treacy 15799
29 Cellulosic Ethanol Flowing at One Canadian Pump Megan Treacy 12807
30 Algae Fuel Leader GreenFuels Goes Bust Hank Green 15564
31 Burning BioMass is more Efficient than Creating Ethanol Hank Green 14293
32 Camelina Jet Fuel Could Reduce Emissions By 84% Megan Treacy 15121
33 Ethanol Production Consumed 861 B Gallons of professional cialis Water in '07 Hank Green 12110
34 Microbes Eat CO2, Make Fuel Yoni Levinson 19399
35 Study Shows Great Potential for Cellulosic Ethanol Megan Treacy 12835
36 Dumpster-Sized Generator Turns Trash into Power Hank Green 19188
37 Telephone Poles to generic cialis mastercard BioFuels Hank Green 15908
38 Ethanol Pacman Eats Solar, Wind and Biodiesel Hank Green 12726
39 Breakthrough Catalyst for Artificial Photosynthesis Hank Green 20317
40 Duh! Powering Restaurants with Waste Oil Hank Green 13474
41 Old Underwear Factory to Power 10,000 Homes Megan Treacy 19546
42 E. Coli Make Heavy, Combustible Alcohols Peg Fong 11545
43 Boeing Leads Algal Biomass Organization To D.C. Yoni Levinson 12431
44 Saltwater Plant Makes Biofuel Yoni Levinson 12745
45 Biofuel Advocate Challenges Notion That Fuel Displaces Food Yoni Levinson 12028
46 Cow Biogas Provides Clean Energy, GHG Reduction Yoni Levinson 20085
47 Air New Zealand and Boeing to Conduct Biofuel Test Flight Megan Treacy 16166
48 Amyris Pilot Plant Online Yoni Levinson 13832
49 Glycerin: A Natural Replacement for Antifreeze? Megan Treacy 22667
50 Fungus Fuel Peg Fong 22946
51 Florida’s Tri-Rail Runs on Biodiesel Yoni Levinson 12093
52 Boeing Jumps on non prescription tramadol Biofuel Bandwagon Yoni Levinson 14712
53 Cellulosic Sugar, Not Cellulosic Ethanol Yoni Levinson 18156
54 UK Gets Serious About Algae Biofuel Yoni Levinson 17978
55 Fuel Cells Powered by Hydrogen from Sewage Megan Treacy 27107
56 Petrosun Algae Starts Branch in China Peg Fong 15369
57 Iogen Sends First 100,000 Liters of Cellulosic Ethanol to Shell Yoni Levinson 13142
58 Bill Gates Invests in Algae Fuel Hank Green 17838
59 Mascoma's Cheap Ethanol Bacteria is Ready Peg Fong 14228
60 $227M Plant Will Convert Hazardous Waste to Energy Jaymi Heimbuch 15332
61 New Bacteria Could Replace Gasoline Peg Fong 13554
62 Austin Building Nation’s Largest Wood-Waste Biomass Plant Jaymi Heimbuch 19732
63 India Exploring the buy viagra Many Uses of Sugarcane Waste Jaymi Heimbuch 20356
64 Hawaii Swaps Coal Power Plant for Biomass Jaymi Heimbuch 18896
65 Gasoline From Trash as a Cheap New Alternative Jaymi Heimbuch 15795
66 WillieRun ’08 Going Coast to Coast Without Stopping for Fuel Jaymi Heimbuch 12599
67 Bacteria Make Ethanol Plants 50% More Efficient Jaymi Heimbuch 14041
68 Could Camelina Sativa be a Biofuel Miracle Crop? Jaymi Heimbuch 23637
69 Cow Poo Powers Carnival Ride Jaymi Heimbuch 24348
70 Verenium Goes In with BP for $90 Million Jaymi Heimbuch 13147
71 Verenium Goes In with BP for $90 Million Jaymi Heimbuch 10617
72 Corn Ethanol Industry Picking Up Speed…For Now Jaymi Heimbuch 9591
73 Fungus Could Save Ethanol Plants $800 M Jaymi Heimbuch 14509
74 DOE Sliding $240 M to Biorefineries Jaymi Heimbuch 11442
75 U of Georgia Gets More Bang Per Biofuel Gallon Jaymi Heimbuch 11367
76 Jatropha Farming on the Upswing for Biodiesel Jaymi Heimbuch 17183
77 BlueFire Building US's First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Jaymi Heimbuch 13068
78 Fuel Cell Powered Laptop is Here, Almost Jaymi Heimbuch 17107
79 DOT Puts Up $500,000 for Alternative Jet Fuels Competition Jaymi Heimbuch 11814
80 Biodiesel Boat Earthrace Breaks World Record Jaymi Heimbuch 15493
81 Ethanol Plants Taking Big Hits, Shutting Down Jaymi Heimbuch 21362
82 Japan Airlines to Fly with Cellulosic Biofuel Jaymi Heimbuch 15441
83 Sweden Boosting Alternative Energy Intake Jaymi Heimbuch 16411
84 8% of World Energy Needs Could Be Met by Abandoned Lands Jozef Winter 12219
85 Coal Plants and Algae Fuel..Symbiotic? Jaymi Heimbuch 24222
86 Trash-fed Generator Tested in Baghdad Jaymi Heimbuch 18235
87 Kudzu a Potential Biofuel Jaymi Heimbuch 22276
88 Algae Diesel Meets US Standards Philip Proefrock 26925
89 LGF to Put Sugar in Your Tank Jaymi Heimbuch 14004
90 Coskata Taking Next Step with Next-Gen Ethanol Jaymi Heimbuch 12481
91 Race Boat Fueled with Owner’s Body Fat Jaymi Heimbuch 21865
92 Imperium Renewables Looks to best price for cialis Crop Biodiesel Prices Jaymi Heimbuch 12043
93 BlueFire Takes Fuel From Trash To Tank Jozef Winter 15983
94 World's First Renewable Gasoline Jozef Winter 32456
95 High Food Prices: Ethanol is Not the Problem Hank Green 17239
96 One Man's Garbage is Another Man's...Tomato? Peg Fong 12048
97 Landfill Gas to be used to Run Garbage Trucks Peg Fong 19816
98 GM's Deal with Mascoma and mexico cialis What it Means Hank Green 15770
99 Algae BioFuel On Sale Soon Hank Green 42497
100 Florida City Will Soon be Powered by its Own Poo Hank Green 19048
101 Algae Algae Everywhere. So Let's Light it on FIRE! Hank Green 23505
102 US Army Turning Waste into Energy in Iraq Hank Green 17047
103 Solar Produces 1000x More Energy Per Acre than Soy BioDiesel Philip Proefrock 38095
104 New Plant to Produce 100 M Gallons of Ethanol from Waste Hank Green 20211
105 18 Months Until Custom-Made, Oil-Pooping Bacteria Hank Green 77471
106 Cow-Based Motor Oil for All Your Frying and Lawnmowing Needs Hank Green 20807
107 Lying Bio-Diesel Pumps Hank Green 17684
108 Turning Poop into Fuel: The Personal BioGas Machine Hank Green 30796
109 Virgin Atlantic Completes First BioFueled Flight Hank Green 19274
110 Coskata's Cheap Non-Food Ethanol Available in 2010 Philip Proefrock 19473
111 Backyard Gassifiers Turn Wood into Hydrogen Gavin D.J. Harper 28199
112 More On Coskata's $1 per Gallon Ethanol Philip Proefrock 46647
113 GM Announces Major Waste to Ethanol Partnership Philip Proefrock 22904
114 Shell to Grow Algae for Oil 19070
115 "Vortex Implosion Disintegrator" Helps Turn Wood into Ethanol Hank Green 18504
116 America to Ethanol: "The Honeymoon's Over, Baby, Get to Work." Hank Green 36433
117 Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen From Microbes Jozef Winter 12346
118 World's First Pure Biodiesel Flight Jozef Winter 17686
119 Mutant Algae: The Next Hydrogen Source 14314
120 Welcome to the Corn Ethanol Backlash Hank Green 23025
121 OriginOil Plans Patents Algae to Oil Technology 19717
122 I'm Powered by Sugar, Why Can't My Gadgets Be? Hank Green 30280
123 Tyson Foods and Conoco Team Up to Make Pig-Diesel Hank Green 17360
124 Potato Plastic 44747
125 Our First Cellulosic Ethanol Plant!!! Hank Green 97537
126 Nano-Scale BioDiesel Refinery : Cleaner Cheaper and Faster Hank Green 21369
127 McDonald's Grease Powering McDonald's Trucks Hank Green 60413
128 Photovoltaics 100X More Efficient than Biofuel Hank Green 19518
129 Carbon Negative Biofuels?! Philip Proefrock 19552
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