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Wind Power
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61 Hybrid Wind Turbines Can Generate Power Even When the Wind Isn't Blowing Philip Proefrock 30992
62 First Test of Wind-to-Battery Storage Is a Success Philip Proefrock 15486
63 Rhode Island Utility Commission Approves Block Island Wind Farm Megan Treacy 16327
64 California Breaks Ground on Nation's Largest Wind Farm Megan Treacy 15735
65 New Approaches to Wind Power in Massive 10MW Turbine Design Philip Proefrock 21502
66 Renewables Made Up Half of New Power Installed in U.S. Last Year Megan Treacy 14057
67 Small Roof-Mounted Wind Turbines Could Power Rural India Megan Treacy 12804
68 Wind Power Lowers Electricity Costs Philip Proefrock 19038
69 Maine Gets $20 Million for Offshore Wind Development Megan Treacy 9604
70 Wind Power Catching Up With Natural Gas in Europe Megan Treacy 19281
71 Nation's First Freshwater Offshore Wind Farm Planned for Lake Erie Megan Treacy 12771
72 Another Hurdle Cleared for Cape Wind Megan Treacy 9503
73 Solar Aero's Bladeless Wind Turbine Philip Proefrock 48205
74 Cape Wind Project Approved! Megan Treacy 18893
75 Vortex-Creating Wind Turbines Could Double Wind Farm Output Megan Treacy 17332
76 Colorado Approves 30% by 2020 Renewable Energy Standard Megan Treacy 16584
77 Texas Wind Is More Than Grid Can Handle Philip Proefrock 21014
78 Pickens Revises his Plan, Giving Up on Wind? Megan Treacy 15988
79 Sweden Building 2,000 Wind Turbines over Next Ten Years Megan Treacy 19600
80 U.S. Could Generate 37 Million GWh of Wind Power Per Year Megan Treacy 17886
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