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Wind Power
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201 U.K. Offshore Wind Plan Making Huge Waves Hank Green 16023
202 Offshore Wind at an Affordable Price A Siegel 19381
203 Helix Wind Turbine Could Halve Your Electric Bill Hank Green 129094
204 An Advertisement You Might Enjoy 16274
205 Update on the Wind Belt and Shawn Frayne A Siegel 26129
206 World's Offshore Largest Wind Farm Approved Hank Green 20911
207 E Squared: PBS Environmental Energy Series Hank Green 19931
208 Hymini: Wind Powered Gadget Charger A Siegel 22439
209 Microwind Generator: 30X More Efficient and Cheaper! A Siegel 199726
210 John Deere Wins with Wind Hank Green 26705
211 Wind Powered Toy Electric Car Hank Green 27133
212 Wind Turbines to Suck Water from Air Philip Proefrock 28156
213 Wind Powered Potato Chips? Hank Green 15898
214 Creating Tornadoes to Power Cities? Hank Green 41732
215 Gigantor Wind Turbine Rated at 1 Gigawatt Hank Green 30512
216 Novel Barrel Turbine Wins $34,000 Grant Hank Green 29328
217 Floating Off-Shore Wind Rig Based on Oil Rig Technology Hank Green 31912
218 New Shape-Shifting Personal Wind Turbine Hank Green 30933
219 Oil Tycoon Planning World's Largest Windfarm Hank Green 24863
220 WINDPOWER 2007: Industry Taking Bird Kill Seriously Ransom Riggs 16645
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