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Wind Power
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1 Bird Groups and Wind Turbines Getting Along Philip Proefrock 9927
2 Wind Ship “Vindskip” Would Use Its Hull As a Sail Sarah Rich 12586
3 In India, Cost of Wind Power Competes with New Coal Sarah Rich 12598
4 First US Floating Turbine Launched Philip Proefrock 11370
5 A Small Wind Turbine You Can Make Yourself Sarah Rich 8871
6 Wireless Maintenance Robots Ascend Wind Turbines Sarah Rich 10028
7 New Record Setting Wind Turbine Sarah Rich 12723
8 2012 Strongest Year Ever for US Wind Energy Industry Sarah Rich 10377
9 Wind Turbine Produces Both Electricity and Water Philip Proefrock 19833
10 The Return of Sailing Ships Philip Proefrock 16525
11 Robots Aid in Wind Turbine Maintenance Philip Proefrock 12955
12 Offshore Atlantic Transmission Line Moves Forward Philip Proefrock 10461
13 T. Boone Pickens Walks Away from Alternative Fuels All Together Megan Treacy 37100
14 SuperStation Grid Connecting Project Moves Forward in New Mexico Megan Treacy 9788
15 Enclosed Rooftop Wind Turbines from Australia Philip Proefrock 13257
16 Portable, High-Altitude Wind Power Philip Proefrock 27833
17 Great Lakes States Streamline Offshore Wind Philip Proefrock 9300
18 Live, Interactive Wind Energy Map is a Thing of Beauty Megan Treacy 11559
19 New Technique for Low-Velocity Wind Turbines Philip Proefrock 15503
20 Housing Workers for an Offshore Windfarm Philip Proefrock 17035
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