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41 SkySails' Ship-Propelling Kites Get a Customer in Cargill Megan Treacy 15846
42 Drastic New Reduction in Power Conversion Losses Philip Proefrock 19041
43 Maersk Orders 10 of the World's "Greenest" Container Ships Megan Treacy 16120
44 Obama Administration Investing $53 Billion in High Speed Rail Megan Treacy 14632
45 Bloom Energy Offering 10-Year Electricity Contracts Megan Treacy 14266
46 Tweaking Flight Paths and it's great! 5mg levitra Landings Can Cut Airline Fuel Use by 15 Percent Megan Treacy 17383
47 US Army Adopts Green Building Standard Philip Proefrock 15557
48 Minnesota City Installs First Visible Light Communication System in U.S. Megan Treacy 21118
49 New Molecule Could Create 30% More Efficient Rocket Fuel Megan Treacy 11127
50 DOE Promotes Updating Building Codes Philip Proefrock 15081
51 TVs Will Get Energy Efficiency Labels in 2011 Megan Treacy 12067
52 Wii Crushes Other Game Consoles in Energy Efficiency Megan Treacy 14770
53 Starbucks Saves Millions on it's great! levitra professional 100 mg Energy Bills with LED Lighting Megan Treacy 23656
54 Cloud Computing Could Slash Data Center Energy Use by Over One-Third Megan Treacy 14111
55 New Database Rates Energy Efficiency of Ships Megan Treacy 14083
56 The 60-Watt Replacement LED Bulb Arrives Philip Proefrock 25183
57 GE Announces Ecomagination Challenge Winners Megan Treacy 15253
58 Masdar City Plans Get a Little Tweaking Megan Treacy 27014
59 Empire State Building Has New Efficient Windows Megan Treacy 18985
60 New Jet Engine Design Offers 25% Fuel Efficiency Increase Philip Proefrock 24372
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