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101 Do Car Air Conditioners Have to Consume 7 Billion Gallons of Gas per Year Megan Treacy 11652
102 Incandescents May Not Become Obsolete After All Megan Treacy 13481
103 FAIL: DOE Buildings Don't Meet DOE Guidelines Megan Treacy 8051
104 IBM and Syracuse Working on Ultra-Efficient Data Center Megan Treacy 12924
105 Redirecting Airflow Off Plane Wings Could Cut Fuel Use By 20% Megan Treacy 11273
106 U.S. Navy Saves $79 Million So Far This Year By Conserving Fuel Megan Treacy 11777
107 Google Announces First Round of PowerMeter Partners Megan Treacy 14995
108 GE to Start Selling Smart Appliances This Summer Megan Treacy 10050
109 Make Flights More Direct, Emit Less Yoni Levinson 8034
110 Superconductors Are Real, But Are They Good Enough? Yoni Levinson 11205
111 LED Power Supply Lasts 100,000 Hours Megan Treacy 20818
112 California Proposes Banning Energy-Guzzling TVs Jack Moins 8928
113 AT&T and SmartSynch Get Their First Customer Megan Treacy 9356
114 Answer to Cooling Data Centers Could Be Surprisingly Low Tech Megan Treacy 18962
115 CFLs Even More Like Incandescents Philip Proefrock 12211
116 Clinton Climate Initiative Retrofitting Empire State Building Megan Treacy 23941
117 Shower Head With Automatic Shutoff Yoni Levinson 19379
118 Verizon Plans To Offer Energy Management Service Yoni Levinson 9571
119 Candles are Ten Times Worse for the Environment than Lightbulbs Hank Green 29133
120 Stop Pouring Hot Water Down the Drain! Hank Green 22970
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