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1 Making Tractor Trailers More Fuel Efficient Sarah Rich 13906
2 Cree LED Light Bulb Hits Milestone Price Point Philip Proefrock 16130
3 Support for Continued Use of LEED in US Military Philip Proefrock 9486
4 US Military Embracing Green Energy Philip Proefrock 20661
5 New Airships Taking Flight Philip Proefrock 8821
6 The Other Bulb Ban: Linear Fluorescents Philip Proefrock 19123
7 Empire State Building Saves $2.4 Million in Energy Costs After Retrofit Megan Treacy 10614
8 Light Bulb Finder App Calculates What You'll Save By Swapping Out Your Bulbs Megan Treacy 14291
9 ESL Bulbs Offer Another Efficient Lighting Option Philip Proefrock 22682
10 GE Gives London's Tower Bridge the LED Treatment Megan Treacy 12620
11 Bubbles Could Make Cargo Ships More Efficient Philip Proefrock 11583
12 Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Pushed Back Megan Treacy 23873
13 LED Bulb Looks Like Filament Bulb Philip Proefrock 13595
14 Turning Commercial Jets into Hybrids Megan Treacy 9210
15 Solar Ship Is Half Airship and overnight tramadol online Half Flying Wing Philip Proefrock 14233
16 High-Tech Programmable Thermostats Philip Proefrock 18974
17 Increased Efficiency with Folding Shipping Containers Philip Proefrock 11366
18 Electric Plane Flies 200 Miles in Two Hours, Wins NASA Challenge Megan Treacy 10965
19 Computer Energy Efficiency Doubles Every 18 Months Megan Treacy 17412
20 U.S. Army Forms Renewable Energy Task Force Megan Treacy 16021
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