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Monitoring Pollution
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41 The Aral Sea Disappears: NASA Photos Hank Green 51472
42 NASA Launching Sea Salinity Satellite in 2010 Megan Treacy 10891
43 $29,000 Robotic Fish to Monitor World's Oceans, Frustrate Fisherman Jack Moins 15337
44 EPA Proposes Rule to obtain viagra without prescription Require Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Megan Treacy 11934
45 NASA's OCO Satellite Crash a Setback for Studying CO2 Philip Proefrock 13283
46 Website Maps Air Polluters Across U.S. Megan Treacy 14301
47 UK Scientists Launch Underwater Robots to Track Climate Change Megan Treacy 13660
48 Wilting Flower Peg Fong 16955
49 Carbon-Monitoring Spacecraft Arrives at Launch Site Megan Treacy 12970
50 Miniature, Super-Sensitive Greenhouse Gas Sensor Being Developed Megan Treacy 14241
51 Cities Fess Up to Emissions with New Project Jaymi Heimbuch 14470
52 Giant Balloon Tells Parisians Their Air Quality Jaymi Heimbuch 18636
53 Green Gadgets Shown To Be Eco-Hazards Jaymi Heimbuch 18509
54 Germany Is Europe’s First Underground CO2 Storage Site Jaymi Heimbuch 15844
55 Are LCD TVs Worse Than Coal Plants? Peg Fong 18661
56 US DOE’s FutureGen Looks for CCS Ventures Jaymi Heimbuch 17071
57 Schools of Robo-fish for Finding Oil Spills, Tracking Wildlife Jaymi Heimbuch 19236
58 Nanopaper Soaks Up Oil Slicks Jaymi Heimbuch 17163
59 Florida Teen Measures Pollution with Glowing Bacteria Jozef Winter 17451
60 6,000 Gallons of Water to Light a Lightbulb?! Hank Green 19158
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