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Preventing Pollution
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61 Access to Real-Time Traffic Can Cut Emissions by 21% Megan Treacy 13656
62 U.S. Virgin Islands Turning Excess Waste into Energy Megan Treacy 12408
63 Energy-harvesting Cranes Cut Down on Fuel Used at Ports Megan Treacy 13996
64 China's Super-Ambitious High-Speed Rail Plans Megan Treacy 18188
65 San Jose a Step Closer to Its Green Vision Megan Treacy 10435
66 U.N. Tapping into Social Media for Climate Treaty Inspiration Megan Treacy 12154
67 Subway in Bilbao, Spain Powered Completely By Renewable Energy Megan Treacy 11976
68 UN: "Nature Kicks Carbon Capture's Butt" Megan Treacy 9797
69 Green Energy Investments Have Quadrupled Since 2004 Megan Treacy 8705
70 Sony Ericsson Adds More Green Phones to the Market Megan Treacy 8632
71 New Labels for TVs Go Beyond Energy Star Megan Treacy 10952
72 Peak Coal May Happen as Soon as 2025 Megan Treacy 11253
73 London Testing Technology to cialis express delivery Control Drivers' Speed, Reduce Emissions Megan Treacy 12605
74 New York State Agencies Switching from Bottled to Tap Megan Treacy 110738
75 Congress Stops Burning Coal, Should Also Install Solar Panels Megan Treacy 8632
76 EPA Takes Another Step Towards Regulating Greenhouse Gases Megan Treacy 11840
77 Economic Downturn Has Cleaned Up China's Air Megan Treacy 11383
78 Venice to Use Algae for 50% of Its Electricity Megan Treacy 18322
79 Ocean Iron Fertilization Test Not Successful Megan Treacy 14386
80 Seawater Could Be Used to Clean Ship Exhaust Megan Treacy 12108
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