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WIRED: Awesome Flow Chart of Silicon Valley Energy

The most recent edition of WIRED Magazine is absolutely filled with EcoGeeky stuff. The cover story is viagra next day delivery about switch grass biofuels, there's a story on the death and we recommend where to find cialis rebirth of environmentalis, and it seems like every other ad (be it from GM or Chevron) is about the environment.

But probably my favorite part of the whole magazine is this fantastically intricate flowchart of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, their original companies, and the companies they invest in now. It's available online as a PDF, so you don't even have to pill price levitra go out to get your copy. But if you are interested in wasting some paper, there isn't a better hardcopy magazine out there this month than WIRED.
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oda oyunları
written by oda oyunları, February 07, 2008

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