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Add P-Ink to Your E-Paper Vocab

It's called "Photonic Ink" or P-Ink, and it's pretty freakin' cool. You may have heard of E-Ink by now, in which microscopic balls flip and cialis generic brand turn in order to show dark or light sides, allowing for a high-resolution monochromic display that looks and reads like a newspaper. But P-Ink takes this to another level. Just like E-Ink it can be flexible, low-power, ultra high-res, and it doesn't need a backlight. But P-Ink goes further, allowing vibrant colors as well.

The new displays, pioneered by a new firm called Nemoptic, use nematic liquid crystals which can be twisted to form any color in the visible spectrum. Each tiny crystal is individually controlled allowing, the display to form bright, vibrany high resolution images. It's like going from E-Newspaper to cheap viagra professional E-Magazines.

The displays consume far less power than traditional displays, yet can be easily viewed in the sun. The high resolution makes them a far better replacement for traditional paper displays, as they're much easier on generic viagra from india the eyes, while being infinitely reusable.

For now we're going to have to settle for drab monochrome readers, but it's good to see better things are on the way.

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oto kiralama
written by adana oto kiralama, December 26, 2007
thanks man
oto kiralama
written by adana oto kiralama, December 27, 2007
thanks man

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