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"I bought a Zoombak device after losing 18 bikes to theft >:(. 8 were s..."

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Don't Mess with Bikes in Toronto

DEATH TO BIKE THIEVES! For of the main reasons bikes are less convenient than cars is because theft prevention is so difficult. I've had several bikes stolen in my time, all locked, all dissapeared. For a while, I prevented bike theft by just riding a really crappy old bike.

But the University of the best site cialis tablet Toronto Police had a better idea. Hide GPS devices on some unsuspecting high-end bikes. Then, when the were reported stolen, they tracked down the buy now online viagra thieves and returned the bikes. Bike theft has dropped dramatically on we recommend buy cheap online viagra campus. Now, U of T is handing out "This Bike Could be Bait" stickers to anyone who wants one.

Talk about Technology for the Environment.  Unfortunately, it comes at a price. The GPS beacons are more expensive than most bikes, at $1,400 a piece. Get that price down a bit and I'll bet we'd see this program replicated in a lot of places.

Via TreeHugger and Biking Toronto

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written by JS, September 15, 2007
Seriously, if they can put GPS in cellphones, they ought to cialis online 50mgs be able to put it in bikes.

I live in an area with lots of bike thefts. I'll share the advice from a bike shop guy which kept my bike safe for years in school, even though I biked nearly every day and often left it overnight (though I mostly keep it indoors at night):
Don't use any sort of cable or chain lock exclusively unless you'll only be away briefly. Get a U-lock with the keyhole in the center of the shackle, with a real key (not the circular kind). Doesn't have to be expensive, ~$40 should do.

Serious thieves apparently use car jacks to pop locks, so don't leave any space for them! The lock should be flush with the rack tube, front wheel, and frame with the shackle across the frame.

I also have a cable for the seat and another to secure the back wheel if I'm really worried. I tried not to park in the same place every day, and only parked in well-lit, high-traffic areas.

I rode a crappy bike for a while, too. It got stolen; the campus security officer I reported to thought it might get some lowlife a few bucks as salvage.
EMP the bike before you jack it
written by josh, September 15, 2007
Never have I had a locked bike stolen, but that's because I mostly ride in the suburbs. The GPS solution is great if you have the money! It's the only 'tracking system' i believe is good. Tracking people is just a bit weird.

The other solution
written by Tom Konrad, September 15, 2007
Here's my solution to bike jacking: a cheap bike. Bought the bottom of the line mountain bike in 2000 and have been using it for commuting ever since. I lock it, the expensive bike on the next rack is my best protection. Every year, my protection from theft gets a little better as it looks a little shabbier.
flip side
written by odograph, September 15, 2007
I think there is wow)) similar levitra an interesting flip side to living in a place with lower bike ridership ... not enough bikes to "make a market" for professional thieves.
old mtbs
written by odograph, September 15, 2007
Oh, by the way, I've heard (read in University of Davis web pages) that a good strategy is a good-quality but older and scratched up mountain bike.

A variation on Tom's method .... I think my old Klein MTB is scratched up enough for this low-risk town.
written by Katherine360, September 15, 2007
Studying at a school with a large bike-thievery problem, I'm always looking for ways to protect my bicycle.

I've had problems before with cheap bikes falling apart on me, and so I've finally caved and bought a new bike and viagra sale buy I'm worried to death it's going to get stolen, or if not the bike itself, a wheel or the seat.

A GPS device is great idea, though I don't think anyone I know would ever spend that much for one on their less-than-$200 bike, and I doubt my local campus police would care enough to try it - they're too busy catching minors drinking alcohol.

It's too bad too, so I'll just have to continue crossing my fingers each time I lock up my new bike and go to class.
If UofT could do the best choice cheap fast viagra afford this program ...
written by Graeme MacDermid, September 17, 2007
... you'd think that the City of Toronto / Toronto Police could manage to canadameds generic viagra from india find the funds for such a program.
Toronto Police are too busy protecting t
written by geoffrey, September 17, 2007
.. and bicycle incidents are a threat to that. On Jul 27 I was hit from behind (investigated by PC Ali Rashid #9497) and was informed my statement won't be taken as witnesses stated I'd fallen off of visit our site 5mg cialis my bicycle. Of course the witnesses were not in the motor vehicle that made the contact NOT!
No cars hurt = no accident report. Some asshole got away with assault with a motor vehicle. I was mutilated by 3000 lb object wielded by a nut and have no means of identifying the bastard and they are protected by the police report that is conveniently not an accident report (that I would be able to access).
Great idea U of T
written by Dr. Steph, September 18, 2007
I ride to U of T daily and I'm going to get one of those stickers. That is a great program. Though the GPS is more than my bike (which wasn't all that cheap).

I totally love my new bike and use three locks--chain, cable and ulock and take my seat in with me. So far, I've been lucky--maybe it's because I have a very girlie bike.
Not just for bikes?
written by Charger, October 26, 2007
I remember seeing a suggestion made somewhere else that this type of random theft prevention would be much more effective than traditional car and home alarms. If the thief doesn't know what's alarmed/GPSed it is much harder for them to come up with a satisfactory risk analysis.

If you could get your neighbors to agree to remove the PROTECTED BY ACME ALARM signs from their lawns and illegal viagra sales canada just put signs on the block that say "X% of the homes on this block have alarms" you could, collectively, spend less on natural viagra for men alarm service. The trick is convincing people to be the placebo house.
written by Maureen, August 11, 2008
Does anybody know how to use microsoft streets and maps as an anti-theft, or actually I guess after-theft locater? I just got an e-scooter from a place that sold the gps to me for about $80. Since microsoft doesn't intend it to locate stolen bikes, they don't advertise it as such, I guess. Anyway the people that sold it to me actually had their shop ripped off the day before I got my bike and I haven't been able to get a hold of them to figure out how it works, or even to get a 1 800 number for ms that works from Canada. Thanks
Got a Zoombak for my bike
written by Thomas Bailey, December 30, 2008
I bought a Zoombak device after losing 18 bikes to theft >:(. 8 were stolen in San Francisco alone, 4 in Mountain View, 2 in Sunnyvale, 1 each in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Los Altos, and San Jose.

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