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"This is similar to setting up a neighbourhood tool shed for a communit..."

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There's too much crap in the world. No one can really argue with that. And millions of people have tools, vehicles and viagra canda equipment that is literally used les than one day out of every 365. So why buy a  power drill so you can use it for, what, seventeen seconds. Well, maybe so you can make some money off of it by renting at

Or maybe, just don't buy it at all, and head to the site and borrow one for a day or two. Wouldn't that be a more awesome life?

Unfortunately RentMineOnline doesn't have a very good name, and is levitra without prescription currently still in alpha testing. The site definitely needs a lot of work before it can be usable. And, after it becomes usable, it's going to need a heck of a lot of users posting rentable objects before it can be come useful in any real way. But the founders of the site are thinking in the right direction and I commend their very simple mission:

Rent Mine Online is a trust based online market place that connects asset owners and renters and facilitates rental transactions between them. The company aims to buy viagra without a prescription help communities unlock the potential of idle assets, ultimately leading to greater economic efficiency and better use of the world’s limited resources.
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Name OK with me
written by Soda Pop, September 12, 2007
I am curious what your think the name should be - and if a URL is available.

As for renting a power tool over ownership. I can see both the pros and the cons. The cons for the selling levitra online economy is that industries that sell and distribute that product would shrink. It will also drive up the initial price. Then in the long run, over a period of time, you would have been able to buy several.

Sharing is great. Start with your family and peers. But mostly it boils down to convenience. Do I want to use a gallon or two of gas to drive to levitra canada prescription pick up something - or go to my parents to use their washing machines? ...When I could have my own and buy a bigger house to store it.

If you really want a cool sharing business - have one person rent a large storage facility and then pay him to manage the lending of stuff to approved users.
Sweet idea...needs buy in.
written by B.Wildeboer, September 12, 2007
I think this is a great idea! There've been many times when I've wanted to use some tool or other piece of costly equipment that I didn't have, and wouldn't use enough to make buying a good economic decision.

I, for one, would spend the time and money to pick up a tool or piece of equipment. No more trying to cut perfect angles on a piece of moulding with a hack-saw because I didn't have the proper equipment available.

The only hitch is it needs large numbers of viagra lowest price people to offer items for rent before it becomes a really useful idea. I have faith! eBay, Angie's List, and other like sites all had to start somewhere, and look where they made it. I'm ready to RentMineOnline!
written by Kris, September 12, 2007
Great idea until something breaks. A number of these sites are starting up recently.
adults only
written by Strange but True, September 12, 2007
Do you reckon they'll end up going the ebay way and having to have an adults only section where you can rent out your spouse?!
Similar Idea
written by Dave Smith, September 12, 2007
This is similar to setting up a neighbourhood tool shed for a community to how to buy viagra on-line use instead of everyone owning one of everything; which also avoids the 'driving to get things 'problem. A good idea if you live in a decently friendly neighbourhood.

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