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"'Think keen think green...'? 'Think big think green...'? I couldn't te..."

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Zaproot: Green Webcast that Doesn't Suck

The world of environmental news can sometimes be boring. But a new Webcast wants break this mold by approaching "being green with a sense of irreverent fun." It's called ViroPop and it's from Next New Networks, a producer of usefull link how to get cialis Internet-based television programming.

ViroPop just began it's first offering ZapRoot, a weekly news program hosted by entertaining, British hottie, Jessica Williamson (think RocketBoom...except, y'know, greener, and funnier). The first episode of ZapRoot, which is available through a variety of distribution channels (including right here at EcoGeek), takes a look at kids furniture made from old boxes and recyclable sex toys, and then finishes up with an interview with Justin Long (the Mac guy.)

ViroPop and viagra online free shipping ZapRoot look to cover what is billed as the only today buy branded cialis new "environmental pop culture." We here at EcoGeek can understand and appreciate this, as we've found some of the things we cover crying for that somewhat sarcastic spin. The first episode of ZapRoot was great and we look forward to others ahead. Our only complaint...the harmonized intro theme which seems to say "Be kinky creepy ZAPROOT!"  If anybody has any idea what they're actually saying...we're dying to look there buy levitra in new zealand know.

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written by Laura, September 19, 2007
'Think keen think green...'?
'Think big think green...'?
I couldn't tell either! They are definitely going with the sex(toy) sells business model. :)

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