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AUG 22

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"Sounds like a site I might just have to check out. Do you know if they..."

View all Comments Helps Keep Your Gadgets Alive is an interesting new site with a decidedly EcoGeeky mission: to help people extend the life of their gadgets. FixYa is full of clever gadget hounds and levitra wholesale los angeles tinkerers who just want to generic overnight viagra help and show off their smarts. Just post a description of the problem you're having with your digital camera / washing machine / power drill, and FixYa's community goes after it.

Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll get the effect of levitra on women help you need, nor that the solution will be exactly what you want to hear. However, if you're willing to pay a little extra, you can get at least the first thing guaranteed. FixYa has begun to build a database of experts who actually get paid to provide live support, and guaranteed question answering for users who are particularly stuck.

It's like an open source repair shop, where anyone can walk in with a problem, or certain knowledge, and alternatively be in front of or behind the counter.

In a world where consumer electronics support is notoriously horrible, and it's often far easier to throw away a poorly functioning device than track down someone who knows anything about fixing it, FixYa could become a powerfully useful resource. There's already a good community growing there, I hope to see it flourish.
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change the langauge
written by reham, February 26, 2008
I have Toshiba DP2570 copier but user interface language is dutch and I can't change it to discount generic cialis english because I does,t know dutch so can any one discribe how to change language
car problem
written by Berris, May 14, 2008
I have a 1992 Honda Accord. The speedometer is not
working anymore. I cannot tell how fast I am going
neither can I tell the milage that I have done over the past month.
written by June Zubert, July 16, 2008
Trying to change print cartridges - the printer won't centre them so I can get at them keeps taking container to the side...
car problem
written by chewy, August 01, 2008
change the speed sensor relay,located on brand viagra on line the fixed mine, found one on ebay for 20 bucks ;D
Looks like a useful site...
written by Fan of Acer Repair Parts, March 13, 2012
Sounds like a site I might just have to check out. Do you know if they help walk you through computer repairs? I had a couple of issues with my laptop, and I was able to find a great price for some Acer repair parts. Usually one of my friends installs them for me, but he's on vacation for the next month. I am looking for a website that will walk me through how to do it.

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