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USB Mini Greenhouse

Now, we must first recognize that growing marigolds in your front yard takes absolutely no energy at all. However, for those of us who don't have time to go all the way outside to sniff some flowers, why not grow some on your desk using USB power.

The little USB mini greenhouse takes the energy form your wall socket and canadian drugs levitra converts it into what appear to me marigolds. The included CD-ROM will keep you informed of when you should be watering. However, as an occasional garden geek, I will warn you that marigold's are annuals, so you'll likely only get one year of love from your little plastic kit. To keep things working, however, all you'll need is some potting soil and seeds for any annual. I bet you could even grow some lettuce the second time around. You can get one now for $20 at

Via Good Clean Tech
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Mork's egg
written by random girl, August 22, 2007
That totally looks like Mork from Ork's egg. Where's Mindy?
just read it
written by random girl, August 22, 2007
ok, I just read the buy cialis online online a href get this straight, instead of harnessing the power of the sun to grow a marigold it takes energy from the wall? Not good....not good. totally not earth friendly. skip the marigold and buy a plastic plant or something that needs no "real" sun.
written by Dutch, August 22, 2007
1 word - windowsill
Agree with Random Girl
written by Daniel Lunsford, August 23, 2007
Problem 1: You have to plug USB into the computer, not into the wall.

Problem 2: The unit only boasts a simple LED for lighting. This doesn't give enough energy to the plant, and the plants that do grow are likely obtaining a majority of their energy from overhead lights or sunlight.

Problem 3: If the light is useless and you have to water it yourself, you essentially are just purchasing a $20 dirt pot (that uses and wastes electricity).

My suggestion... get yourself a free pot and water it yourself.

-- Daniel Lunsford
written by vigilant20, August 23, 2007
Wow, not good responses.

Yet for people like me who are cubicle bound at work and apartment dwellers at home it seems like a reasonable option.

I finally made up my mind to try one out, but of course they are sold out :( I guess I'm not the only one intrigued by this idea!
written by Ella, September 24, 2007
You don't need a weird USB contraption to grow flowers. Try to sun, air, and for those cubicle bound people you can leave them inside and buy ultram online without rx just bring them a window everyone and a while.
3 words
written by Malachite Lad, December 18, 2007
cute weed plant 8)

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