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AUG 16

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"I can't help but think that this was a tactic to get people to pay tho..."

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AT&T Fesses Up to iPhone Billing Mistakes

Remember eight hours ago when I went on a little rant about how evil AT&T is, and how their foolish 50-page-long iPhone bills were bound to kill tens of thousands of trees? Well, Muhammad Saleem, who did the original calculations of the wasted paper's arboreal impacts, received a note from an AT&T employee discussing the best price on cialis ways in which AT&T is attempting to canadian pharmacy cialis generic mend their mistake.

Now this isn't a high-up employee or anything, but they work at a call center, and so they know when policy changes take place. According to the employee AT&T is switching to a "summary billing" system, where the bills are a normal one or two pages, but extra details are available online. New users will have to pay an extra two dollars to receive the full novella-length bill in their mail box.

Employees of the call center are asked to push paperless billing. However, this still isn't the default state, nor is it cheaper than receiving hardcopy bills. I don't understand this. Just make it default paperless already!

I guess we'll have to wait a few more years for that...though the time sure seems right to me. Anyhow, the anonymous employee finishes the email to Muhammad by saying that AT&T either "just wants to make an extra buck, or really does care about trees and cheap 10mg cialis without a prescription is just trying to sway customers away from viewing their bill on paper, I like to think that they are doing the latter. Though, it’s probably the former. ATT doesn’t have the greatest scruples in the world."

Sounds about right to me.

Via Muhammad Saleem
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written by Joel, August 16, 2007
"ATT doesn’t have the greatest scruples in the world."
Like the T-shirt says: "Your world. Delivered. To the NSA."
When you factor in the phone books
written by strange but true, August 16, 2007
these phone companies insist on delivering - why don't they ask us if we want a book? No, I use Google. These companies are greedy enough you'd think the fact they could save money would move them away from paper.
written by Diana, August 16, 2007
I just saw on yahoo how some woman recieved her bill from ATT for her a box. She posted a video of her opening it on youtube. That's so sad.
written by Ron Gold, August 28, 2007
I work for at&t and in our center/depts, they have not said anything about conservation at all, other than trying to push a Windows CD version of a paper bill for customers with hundreds of pasges of bills, as with the case of major corporate accounts and governement accounts also
written by Ron Gold, August 28, 2007
Yeah, the companies are greedy enough, you got that right! And the money they are greedy about sure does not trickle to the bottom. At least AT&T is union-friendly, unlike some others.But it is still not enough what AT&T pays, thats for sure.
Billing measured in pounds.
written by Lancefer, May 07, 2010
I can't help but think that this was a tactic to get people to pay those outrageous bills. Most people will look at a 30 page bill and think, OMG, this is gonna cost me. Really it is not costing AT&T much for the data services, especially when measured in KBs. My personal thought is, if you are texting, you are saving bandwidth that would be much higher if talking or videoing. AT&T should thank us for using text rather than other means. Guess if they can get away with it, why not.

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