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AUG 15

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"Wow, we are very excited to have been featured on EcoGeek! Thanks for ..."

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GreenTech.fM: Clean Technology Podcast

As Green Tech becomes an area of increasing interest to tech lovers and viagra for women regular folks alike you can pretty much guarantee new sites like ours will spring up to cover this area. So welcome to buy xanax online the only today buy viagra online without prescription podcasters at GreenTech.fM.

The focus of GreenTech.fM is to bring to podcast lovers tales from the world of clean sustainable technologies. The shows, which will hit the Internet airwaves each Tuesday, promise to focus "on the heroic efforts of inventors, engineers and investors to create technologies that will counter global warming and create unlimited abundance."

The founders of GreenTech.fM, Tim McCormack and Robert Mechielsen, want to inform people about the goodness of canadian levitra and healthcare going green instead of scaring them about the dangers of not doing so. This new green business movement is also seen by them as a place in which "entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors all over the world now realize there is big money to be made in efficiency, cleanliness, and in renewable economic systems." To that end they plan to buy cialis at a discount take a comprehensive look with planned podcast episodes covering topics like solar power, toxicity and ecotourism.

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Thank You!!
written by Tim McCormack, August 16, 2007
Wow, we are very excited to have been featured on EcoGeek! Thanks for putting the information about our show. We have actually gotten a lot of traffic from it, so we really appreciate it. =^)

You have a great blog!


Tim McCormack
GreenTech.fM - Today's Voice for Tomorrow's Technologies

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