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AUG 14

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"Shame on you Hun for making comments before researching things first! ..."

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We Can Live Green dot Com

A new green living website has sprung up which claims to only here levitra buylevitra onlin be the "first green products and services directory". While that isn't necessarily a true statement We Can Live Green definitely looks to have potential provided online users become faithful to it.

We Can Live Green looks to be squeaky clean at this point, with a lot of areas for user-generated content waiting for users to generate content. There's a products and services directory, online and regional, which looks to host information in categories like apparel and energy conservation. There are also public forums for visitors to discuss the hot green issues of the day, other forums where "experts and celebrities" will drop in to interact with users and a tutorial section where you can be educated on ways of sustainable living.

One area in particular which caught my eye is the "365 Day Pledge to Go Green." It's basically a large PDF file you download that lists small things you can do daily over the canadian pharmacy for tramadol course of how to obtain viagra a year to make your life more environmentally friendly. We Can Live Green does show promise as a site for those who want a one stop shop for this style of living. But they need to get busy with the content.

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We Can Make Money dot Com
written by Hun Boon, August 15, 2007
It appears that this is a directory of paid ad listings. I tried adding a link and I was prompted to enter my credit card information. smilies/shocked.gif

No wonder the directory is levitra sale empty.
written by richa, August 17, 2007

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written by A Big Fan of We Can Live Green, August 21, 2007
Shame on you Hun for making comments before researching things first!

We Can Live Green was started by a scientist, educator and civil service worker with a number of other concerned and proactive citizens from a variety of professions in their support team. Hardly the 'We Can Make' money grabbers you are insinuating.

Be careful about making comments if you don't have the full story!

A Big Fan of We Can Live Green

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