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Earth Comber Locates Alternative Fuels

One of the biggest barriers to switching over to new, cleaner fuels is that they're harder to find than good ol' unleaded. It's great if you have a truck that runs on E-85, but what if you want to drive two towns over and don't know where you can get any?

That's where mobile applications like Earth Comber come in handy. The application will run on any web enabled phone or PDA. It's simple and free and it'll let you know where you can find your alternative fuel of choice:

  • BioDiesel
  • E85 (Ethanol)
  • LPG (liquified petroleum gas)
  • CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • Hydrogen
  • Electric (hookups to recharge electric cars and hybrids)
All are mapped into their system. Your phone knows generally where it is, and the generic levitra canadian application can even tell you how far away the nearest location for each fuel is. Pretty awesome.

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