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JUL 06

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"Actually, it is...I've since fixed it...but thanks for blaming the equ..."

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John Doerr on Our Frightening Future

John Doerr is scared. John Doerr is angry. John Doerr isn't sure we're going to make it. And when John Doerr talks, everybody should listen.

It should be enough that he saw the buy fioricet whole internet thing coming from almost a decade away and best price for viagra made himself a billionaire by investing in the likes of Amazon and Google when they only had a few employees. But he's also become one of the world's leading experts on clean technology. Doerr is well respected, and known for his prescience. So now that I know that he's scared...I'm pretty scared too.

In this passionate talk from the TED conference, Doerr talks about the future of clean tech. The billions waiting to be made, and the technologies that are going to change the world. But he also talks about his 15 year old daughter, and her opinion of the situation: "Dad, your generation created this problem, you'd better fix it."

And unlike most dads, who would probably just get angry. John Doerr, being "the most influential venture capitalist of his generation," decided to use his influence.

The result is that Doerr is helping to spur a multi-billion dollar push behind clean technology. In the TED talk he speaks about bug-based bio fuels, the tremendous efficiency gains from Wal-Mart, and the importance of global warming legislation.

In the end though, he's still not sure we're going to make it. It's amazing to watch him on that stage, a man known mostly for his extreme success in the cut-throat world of cheap levitra tablets venture capital, not able to it's great! buy xanax online hold back his fear and calling to the levitra fast delivery world's most influential people to go green with him. And not just because it'll be the best thing for next quarters numbers. But because the world is natural levitra pills in trouble, and it needs serious help from serious people.

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written by Shu, July 07, 2007
No kidding! You can't keep playing around with planet Earth and expect it to function the same.
written by Tobias, July 07, 2007
It is good when rich people start to think this way, they usually have a great deal of power.

and hank: is the space-button on your mac broken or something? =P
Space Bar
written by Hank, July 09, 2007
Actually, it is...I've since fixed it...but thanks for blaming the equipment...not the operator :-)

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