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JUL 03

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"Yesterday's "Science Fiction" is today's reality ! Maybe we'd better ..."

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Kim Stanley Robinson in WIRED

Kim Stanley Robinson is one of my favorite EcoGeeks in the entire world. He's been dealing with environmental issues since early in his career, but only with his most recent trilogy has he brought it hard.

Forty Signs of generic levitra from canada Rain, Fifty Degrees Below and cialis soft tablets Sixty Days and Counting comprise Robinson's most recent trilogy. Now that all three books are out in paperback, I've started the trilogy, and if Disney World made a roller coaster ride out of climate change, it wouldn't be any more exciting than these books.

The trilogy deals with a set of extremely realistic and convincing characters, most of them scientists, as they deal with catastrophic climate change. I'll do a full review once I'm done with the books, but for now, head to WIRED to see an excellent interview with Robinson in which he discusses the possibilities of climate change, the wisdom of terraforming our own planet, and species coexistence. It's an excellent read...I hope I get to interview him someday soon.
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written by Gregory Norminton, July 04, 2007
What the buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets hell is an advert for Land Rover doing on Ecogeek? It's one of the most dangerous and high-polluting SUVs on European roads.

Come on, guys, sort yourselves out.
Are you kidding me?
written by Matt, July 05, 2007
If you look at the vast amount of data from the past and how much the climate has changed in the past, what has happened in the last 100's of years is nothing. Yes, there is a very extremely slight warming going on right now, but that proves nothing. Don't say you understand something if you don't. Even the best weather forecasters can't even get it right 1 week from now. The other thing is... who is to say we were at the perfect climate anyhow? How do we know this isn't for the better? I say whatever ever happens is part of buy cheap levitra Gods plan.
If he was so ecologicaly minded he would
written by puttputt, July 05, 2007
Instead he would sell them as e-books.

Anyway, the reason that there is a climate change is cheap generic levitra india because there is hole under the sea which expose the molten core to the cailis canadian farmacy sea. Soon the seas will boil and we' be all dead. I am not kidding.
written by web designer, July 06, 2007
Why did you say Land Rover is the most dangerous, where did you find that information
written by SD, July 06, 2007
Matt wrote: "Don't say you understand something if you don't."

Oh, Matt, you ironic troll, you. ;)
written by jbr8900, July 08, 2007
this man, kim stanley robinson, is brilliant by the way. read his mars trilogy, it's the best science fiction to order viagra on line have been produced in the last twenty years
It Has Always Been True !
written by Rosemary Herrmann, July 08, 2007
Yesterday's "Science Fiction" is today's reality !
Maybe we'd better stop critising & start learning !
You can find more of my thoughts on saving our planet on cialis in uk my blog site
Please feel free to add your opinion !

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