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JUL 03

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" I visited Sosua in the north coast in the Dominican Republic and levitra purchase I l..."

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Makower: Can Air Travel Be Green?

Joel Makower is one of these guys that I often see referred to as an "environmental guru". He just has a lot of good ideas, and he seems to have an excellent perspective on the problems we face as well as the possible solutions.

So, people pay Joel Makower to come to their lecture halls and talk. And thus, Joel Makower flies a lot. And now, in his column at GreenBiz, Joel Makower asks "can air travel ever be green."

The short answer: Not for a Long Time.

But the mexico viagra whole article is definitely worth a read. He gives a good summary of what airlines are doing to decrease fuel use, what organizations are doing to call-out regulators, and what regulators are doing to control air travel carbon emissions.

In short, more efficient airplanes are on the way, but if we're really going to decrease fuel use, carbon cap and trade systems are absolutely key. Folks in Europe are working on it, folks in America "vehemently oppose" it.

Via GreenBiz
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