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Keep your change in Archie

Not all of your war-torn comic books are worth saving in the plastic, and the adorable purse-makers at have taken old comic books and made them into a little hipster handbag.  {mosimage}
Comic books and magazines are some of the toughest materials to recycle, and these purses -- which include comics from Mod Squad, Archie, Spiderwoman, and Juhead -- save the little treasures from heading straight to the landfill.
In case you get caught up in the recyclable-accessory craze, PurseHeaven also offers bigger totes made from record covers. And yes, of course I just ordered the cheap levitra no prescription Barry Manilow one.   
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designer of comic book bag at Purseheave
written by Meg, May 15, 2007
check out my record bracelets and record belt buckles if you liked my comic book bag. Thanks
written by denyse, December 26, 2007
i am a store. do you wholesale these? thanks
written by Erik, January 25, 2008

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