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MAY 08

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"I was sorry to see Gore not get the office. I was even sorrier to see..."

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Gore v. Clinton in 08?

It seems like a lot of speculation about former veep Al Gore running for president{mosimage} in 2008 stems from recent press coverage of his various green endeavors -- particularly his global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Of course, if all it took to get elected were movies and lowest levitra price press coverage, why any old movie star could -- say, wait a minute.

Anyway, the Wall Street Journal has a nice, easy piece on the ifs, ors and buts of a Gore campaign. Wouldn't it be something if Gore came back as the smart, forward-thinking environmentalist that he seems to be in the private sector?
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written by Guest, May 09, 2006
At least Mr Gore is generic levitra online pharmacy believable on this issue. i'd have a hard time believing Ms Clinton on anything. Al has been on this bandwagon for quite some time. good for him for standing for something.
Carry the torch
written by Celia, January 11, 2007
I was sorry to see Gore not get the office. I was even sorrier to see him act like an alleged sore loser. I would love to see what he does when he finally get the office. I'm hoping against all odds that he runs for the Green Party. It would be a coup to visit web site official canadian pharmacy have a party in the Oval Office other than a Republican or a Democrat. Sorry for the tangent.

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