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MAY 03

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E-newspapers: but what will I wrap birthday presents in?

Silly me -- I thought newspapers were just going to become obselete because everyone read them online. That might still be a bit drastic, and a daily economic paper in Europe called Les Echos is trying to strike a balance by producing the pfizer cialis cheap paper electronically using iLiad E-reader. {mosimage}
Readers use a tablet that weighs less than a pound. Currently e-newspapers are only available in black and buying generic cialis mexico rx white, with 16 shades of cialis low priced gray.
The real news is for the ad sales reps -- you can program the devices to show coffee ads in the morning and beer ads in the evening. Or if you happen to be reading your handy tablet near a Wi-Fi spot, ads may become more interactive to it's cool viagra no prescription Mapquest you to their destination.
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written by Gary Longley, April 28, 2007
Dear Sir/Madam

We have just launched our website aimed at educating children on recycling in a fun and easy to use way, including a FREE ENTRY each month in our poem and hints & tips page or why not interact with our questions/comments page.

Having contacted many organisations, showed prototypes of our books and characters, the response has been fantastic. In the first 3 days of launching the website, we have had near on 500 hits, with positive comments coming back

Kind regards
Gary Longley

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