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MAY 21

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"I think it was his skull that saved him and how to save buying viagra not the helmet. However, ..."

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Biker Gets Head Run Over...Is Just Fine

Ryan Lipscomb was biking home from school when a delivery truck turned in front of him. Ryan slammed on his brakes, fell off his bike and slid underneath the wheel of the next day delivery cialis truck, which then drove over his head.

Ryan is buy cialis on fine.

"I didn't see it coming, but I sure felt it roll over my head. It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head."

Yeah...ok...I'll take his word for it. Obviously there's a lot of luck here, but also some good technology. Though his helmet was crushed, it managed to protect him enough to keep his brains on the inside of his head. While he's got all kinds of scrapes and a concussion, he is not dead and that makes me want to write a nice letter to the folks that make bike helmets.

Via The Capital Times

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written by Josh, May 22, 2007
That is amazing. I have been turning into a huge advocate for helmet laws and this is a prime example as to why they are important. Why anyone would argue against helmets on all bikes, motorcycles, or anyother similar vehicles is beyond me. I am very glad to hear that Ryan is fine.
written by brtkrbzhnv, May 22, 2007
Why anyone would argue against helmets on all bikes, motorcycles, or anyother similar vehicles is beyond me.

They're not arguing against helmets. They're arguing against forcing people.
written by, May 22, 2007
Choosing to wear a helmet or not is not so simple. Those who choose not to, and then suffer a life-debilitating head injury are then forcing the rest of society to care for them for the rest of their lives. In my country (Australia) we have removed this choice. It is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet. Therefore, society is no longer "forced" to look after people with life-long head injuries.
Choice and evidence, not anecdote and sp
written by No, May 22, 2007
I agree it is usa viagra sales not so simple - where is the proof that they work. Where is the evidence that any life-debilitating injury would have been avoided if wearing a helmet (or sustained if not wearing a helmet). We need real data, not anecdotes where one can only speculate.

I understand the data from Oz shows that there was no reduction in KSI figures when the mandatory helmet law was introduced. If helmets save lives, where is the data?

In this case is seems pretty clear that the helmet could not have protected him, since once the foam is crushed all the force acts direct on the head. The other pictures show that it is likely only part of buy real viagra the helmet was under the tyre and canada order tramadol online transferred to force to his head, rather than protecting it.

It certainly should NOT be mandatory to wear a helmet. Why should it even be normal to wear a helmet? Isn't riding about as safe as walking? Certainly not a dangerous activity and should not be perceived as that.
La La La. No.
written by Casey, May 22, 2007
You don't typically walk in the street. Nuff said.

Besides, nearly all public works (streets included) have regulations. Seat belts come to mind. Your logic is so flawed in that someone with your frame of mind would, I suppose, say that driving a car is no different than flying a kite as you are outdoors with both.

The government gets its nose in so many places it doesn't belong. If it is mandated that helmets must be worn, even without loads and loads of data, speculation and common sense alone should leave you with little about which to complain.
written by No, May 22, 2007
I agree that any government might choose based on poor data or other reasons (to be seen as doing something), but that doesn't mean thinking people shouldn't want proper evidence before making their own mind up (in the countries that have no mandatory helmet law).

The point is official canadian pharmacy that cycling is safe (IMO), has not been regulated up until now (wrt helmets) even on the road. So is there really evidence that shows that helmets save lives.

Why do people wear helmets? Because they believe there is a risk (presumably the perceived risk from traffic on canadian healthcare roads or higher speeds are involved e.g. sports riding) AND because the usefull link herbal cialis believe that the helmet will make a difference.

If the data does not support that, then one of those assumptions is wrong - either you aren't at all likely to be hit or the helmet is unlikely to help. If there is data to how to get viagra support the helmets save lives supposition, then it would be good to see it.
written by Susheel, May 22, 2007
Now, lets see... Its unlikely that you're going to get into a life threatening situation with just your bicycle. Usually there's another vehicle involved... and there's only so much damage that your skull can take! Its true that cycling helmets dont really protect like full-face fiberglass motorcycle helmets (they wouldnt always protect from piercing wounds), but say you have an accident with a fast moving car...

Would you rather be wearing that helmet or not?

(psst. I ride a motorbike is a city with a very high mortality rate for mobike riders and most of the time, without a helmet... not safe in my own opinion... but that's a choice I make!)
written by Casey, May 22, 2007
I suppose that I should have prefaced what I said earlier with the fact that I am a cyclist and I do not wear a helmet save for mt. biking (and if you don't wear a helmet then, you're absolutely and idiot).

I don't want to wear a helmet around town as it would be uncomfortable and canada super viagra basically rule out that form of transportation in many situations. THE FACT IS, THOUGH, THAT HELMETS HELP.

I may not wear one, and I don't want anyone telling me to, but that's a flawed argument that I as well as others make.

It's immature to say, prove it. The burden of proof is almost more on the person that says a safety device DOESN'T work. That's because for a safety device, you may as well use it as it MAY help...

...and as said, it takes a large responsibility off of buy levitra in england the hands of others if you do everything you can to stay safe so others don't have to do cialis soft shop it for you.
written by Ted, May 22, 2007
I have used a bicycle as primary trans for around 55 years and do not want to be told I have to wear a skid lid. Experience tells me it is right to do so. Hit by csrs thrice. Bad pavement falls too many to viagra generic online count and as I have embraced mountain biking have had several solid trees jump out in front of me. Replace helmet every four years or sooner if used up in contact. People who don't use helmets are sometimes refered to as "Organ Donors" by those who do!
the answer is
written by mrtobo, May 23, 2007
full body armor.
i think there needs to be a law requiring all citizens to wear full body armor. all opposed?
written by Ben, May 23, 2007
I think it is very immature to say that helmets don't help. Saying that biking and walking are essentially the same, risk-wise, is very far off.
First off, the difference in speeds. most people walk at around 3 MPH, road cyclists ride at speeds more than 5 times that. Second, the likelihood of an incident. You wouldn't even consider the possibility of tipping over while walking simply from turning, but it is a very real possibility on a bike. Last, most people don't regularly in traffic, but, legally as a bicyclist (at least in my area) if I ride at more than 5mph, I am not allowed to be on the sidewalk. So I am much more likely than a pedestrian to have a collision with a car. In a car vs bike collision, we're talking 200 lbs versus 2,000 lbs.
I ride a road bike, regularly at speeds of 15-25 mph, and I know in a crash, I would rather have the helmet, especially if I was riding with traffic.
True, in a crash that would likely kill me without a helmet, the helmet might not save my life. But there are crashes that would cause a lot more damage without.

I do, however think that a law requiring helmets would be the government overstepping it's bounds, but I think people should consider wearing their helmets more carefully than many people do.
written by No, May 23, 2007
I am still trying to decide myself, and currently more persuaded by the anti-helmet argument.

If they are helpful, there should be data available. If there isn't data supporting it, it is not immature to ask questions. The Oz data seems to generic viagra europe support the anti-helmet argument. Are there any countries other than Australia that have had mandatory laws?

I can see that the anti-helmeters might only present data that supports their argument, which is viagra how much why I am asking people that do believe in helmets if they know of supporting data. I don't buy the argument that it is self evident.

written by phred, May 23, 2007
Has everyone chosen to ignore that a bicycle helmet would not keep a truck tire suspended above someone's head? No doubt there was some contact with the helmet, but if anything the helmet (with head inside) got squeezed out of the way of the tire (or whatever hit it) before the rider's head was directly beneath the object.

In any case, make your own decision about wearing a helmet. Politicians will always be swayed by what they perceive The Public wants. Do bike helmet laws really have any teeth, anyway?
A collection of facts fo and against
written by Christopher Brewster, May 25, 2007
I suggest you look at this web page:

It makes one think.
written by celia, November 24, 2007
As violent as this sounds, I wear a helmet so I can headbutt any one who gets in my way.
written by Sports, December 02, 2007
I wouldn't ride without a helmet for a million dollars. But I guess I had a friend who died just because of that so I'm biased
written by Angelo, December 02, 2007
Wow didnt know they actually helped that much i drive a bike everyday to school and never put one one but after reading this im getting 1 first thing tommorow.
written by Mirco, December 03, 2007
look at Amsterdam. More bikes than cars on the road, the safest place in the world to ride your bike, and nary a helmet to be seen. Awareness is by far the most effective safety measure. And be visible. Use bright, flashing lights. Reflectors are lame, use reflective tape strategically placed. And don't ride squeezed over so traffic can get by. Get in their way, take the discount real viagra lane.

Ride on.
Look at areas WITHOUT helmet laws
written by Dave, December 03, 2007
Look at Amsterdam, China, and every other location where bikes are a primary means of transportation and not a novelty item. Mothers riding with 3 or more kids on a standard bike, no bike seats, no titanium carriers, no $2,000 safety trailers, and certainly no helmets.

When we're talking about high-risk riding: racing, trail riding, messengers, then yeah, I agree, these people SHOULD be wearing a helmet. When we're talking about commuters, touring, and cross-country, there is little risk of head injury. I do some long distance cycling, and, with all the promises of keeping riders cooler, I have tried various helmets over the years. Regardless of the particular helmet, once temperatures are over 80, I start getting symptoms of we use it buying viagra without prescription heat exhaustion after only a couple hours in the saddle. Without the helmet, I can keep going until the mid 90's before I have to significantly curb my activities.

Winter riding is worse: can't comfortably wear a hat or hood under or over the helmet, which limits riding weather to the mid 40s with a helmet. The only advantage is I don't have to wear the thin skullcap when the temps are in the 40s and 50s.

Lets see: Put a beer cooler on your head. Too hot? Punch some holes in it and generic viagra soft tabs claim it has some sort of refrigerant effect. Now tell everyone you meet that they are going to die unless they wear a similar beer cooler.

Not the helmet that saved him
written by Dale Kaup, December 04, 2007
I think it was his skull that saved him and not the helmet. However, I do firmly believe in helmets and worked in a trauma unit as an RN for a time.

Great pics and a lucky guy. Would have been luckier if it never happened however.


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