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MAY 16

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"Electric bikes no license is viagra and diarrhea required in singapore but the bikes specs..."

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Electric Bikes: A Viable Alternative's just...Better. But sometimes it's less convenient. These days bikes are mainly built for sport. Even at WalMart it's hard to find a bike that isn't specifically designed for some recreational activity. What we need, really, are bikes designed to be transportation, and that's not something I've seen until recently.

Stupid little innovations are driving the shift: Fenders, keep the mud off your back. Bigger thinner wheels and buy pfizer cialis lighter frames make commutes faster and easier. Storage space lets you take your groceries home or your bags to work.

Finally, we've got some cooler innovations. Automatic transmissions make biking simpler, and electric motors make it a breeze. Biking is becoming easier and more widely accepted form of transportation. The Schwinn pictured above, part of a new line of electric commuters, is actually an alternative to an automobile. For small town living, there's simply no reason to have a car.

These bikes have a lithium polymer battery that you remove after riding, and the canadian viagra plug in inside your house. So there's no need to drag your bike to the nearest socket and leave it there overnight. And with one charge lasting over 60 miles, it's unlikely that the bike will run out of order levitra online canada juice before you do. And while $1,500 might seem like a lot for a new bike, it's pretty frakkin' cheap for a new car.

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New bike? Cool bike!
written by Michelle, May 17, 2007
My parents have been searching for new ways to get to work, due to high traffic, since its only about 2 miles away from home. They were considering a Vespa, but I'm sure this would be more safer and also easier. I'll make sure to only best offers mail order viagra let them know, thanks.
but they're banned in Singapore!
written by Hun Boon, May 17, 2007
Electric bikes are great but they're banned here in Singapore!

OK technically not banned, but you require a motorbike license to ride them. Which kind of defeats the purpose to make them widely accessible..
Coming on in leaps and bounds.
written by rob, May 17, 2007
I see quite a few electric bikes in my area and they are definitely improving.
They used to be quite heavy and canada cheap cialis slow, but one chap that cycles back from work, along the same route as me, positively zooms along.
There is a very big hill halfway home and I'm getting quite jealous as he buzzes past with what seems to be little effort, as I'm spinning away on the pedals.
That Schwinn Continental looks a winner, with the motor in the herbal alternative to levitra front wheel and a Shimano hub drive. I want one! all I need to find is $2000, gulp.
More Info?
written by Mark R., May 18, 2007
I went to the site looking for more info but it was fairly sparse. I regularly commute to work (10miles) each way. And as the article suggests, it isn't on a bike made for commuting but rather designed to race, for the same price range. I could see myself getting one of these as a commuter. What's the top speed for the electric motor? and where the Heck is the motor? I cant tell from the picture. Is it in the bottom bracket, the Hub? I see where the battery pack is but it just doesn't look complete.


written by Tobias, May 18, 2007
No offensive, but this is probably one of the reasons Americans in general are so fat. What's so hard about pushing the enter site cheap canadian pharmacy pedals up and down for a while? I understand it when people who are disabled by normal reasons use this bike, but what's wrong with a little exercise when you can still do it? Ugh....
written by Suzanne, May 22, 2007
I'm surprised by the comments about the lack of bikes made for transportation. There are some fab commuter bikes being made, by Breezer and Jamis, for instance. A good bike shop should have some on hand, and, if not, be able to buying cod tramadol order them for bike commuters. Spending three times as much to go up hills faster doesn't seem like much of a bargain to me.
To Tobias
written by Tim, June 15, 2007
Tobias makes a good point, but I think he misunderstands the purpose of the electric bike as a commuting vehicle. A bike like the Schwinn Continental allows the rider commute to work on a hot day and not arrive sweaty. On the ride home - when a little sweat wouldn't matter much - you can pedal it like a conventional bike. Keep in mind, too, that you do pedal most electric bikes; they just take some of the work out of going uphill. So while you're doing less work than you would on a conventional bike, you're still getting more exercise that you would in a car. Plus, most of the best place levitra levitra online us in the market for a good electric bike will keep our conventional bikes for weekend or recreational use. We aren't looking for replacements for our bikes; we're looking for replacements for our cars. On balance, I think, electric bikes will do more to slim Americans than fatten them.
electric bike conversion kit
written by Ron Mowen, August 20, 2007
I recently converted my mountain bike to electric for under $400. The motor is viagra gel online in the hub of the front wheel so I can still pedal like a regular bike. It's great for hills or when I get tired. Range varies on how much you pedal with the motor. I've gone 50 miles but only used the motor for about 10 miles. The batteries can be removed to use as a normal bike. Top speed is 27 MPH. The charger is small and can be taken along. I've found many places to top off the wow it's great search viagra batteries while I rest. Living on top of a mountain in Pa. it lets me ride again knowing I can get back up the mountain after riding for hours. I'm 55 and love to ride. This kit is the answer for anyone who wants to just try! buying viagra in the us get around and not spend money on gas. Electric bikes are great!

Stealthy enough not to need to be legal
written by Sue Jones, September 02, 2007
These electric bikes look enough like a normal bike, and make no noise, so that they won't attract much attention from authorities who are trying to keep motorbikes out of bike paths, sidewalks and trails. (Ok, I admit I don't know much about Singapore authorities!)

Nobody really notices they have a motor.

And while I'm an enthusiastic biker, sometimes the hills where I live make biking impossible.

And I don't have a problem putting feet on pedals, but I don't seem to be able to get 28 MPH on my mountain bike that way!
written by WALKE ARUN G, August 26, 2008
written by jon, September 03, 2009
Do u need a licence to ride a e bike in singapore????
pocket rocket electric bike
written by KOK, February 14, 2010
Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

pocket rocket fan
Electric Bikes
written by Chris, April 13, 2010
Electric bikes no license is required in singapore but the bikes specs must compliance with the authority LTA. More info visit

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