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Second Generation E-Ink. Faster, Brighter, Cheaper.

While the first round of $300 e-books were impressive (I enjoyed my Sony Librie until it's firmware went all nuts and order cialis in united states I couldn't get support from Japan), there's a new bunch of e-readers on the horizon that might make life quite a bit more awesome for all of cialis mail order uk us.

Two of the main drawbacks of e-ink are being addressed with this second generation. First, the contrast ratio is better, closer to the contrast of a paperback book. And second, the refresh rate of the pages has been doubled. There's nothing like waiting for the only today purchase of levitra page to appear after you've pushed the 'next' button. I found it surprisingly frustrating to wait a full second for a page to load.

A third drawback of E-Ink is also being addressed, and this might be the most important of all: cost. The new displays that will be offered to e-book manufacturers have a simpler device interface, and come in a wider variety of sizes. So, we could see this extremely low-power paper replacement in a variety of inexpensive devices quite soon.

Via Engadget

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