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MAY 03

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"Its true, Bells is about as good as it gets...."

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2 KW Beer Battery Developed by Foster's

A couple of the good choice viagra info breweries in my town do their best to use their waste. Beer brewing waste can make good compost, and I've been happy to see that going on right here in Missoula. But Australia's taking their commitment to green beer waste a bit more seriously. Foster's has teamed up with some scientists at the University of Queensland to convert it's brewery waste into electricity and canadian viagra 50mg clean water.

The beer battery works by feeding the waste sugar, starch and alcohol to microbes which, in turn, get excited and produce electricity. Are we getting the little guys drunk?  Well, not exactly, but close enough. While the hundred thousand dollar, 2 kilowatt project isn't the most economically viable method of creating renewable energy. But project planners are quick to note that it's "primarily a waste water treatment that has the added benefit of creating electricity."

Via Engadget and Physorg
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written by Dave, May 05, 2007
New Belgium Brewery (Ft. Collins, Colo.) does this, too. They actually used to be 100% wind-powered and had to stop using that on their labels because now they're also getting this sort of power in there. Very cool company....
written by Hank, May 05, 2007
Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers. It doesn't top some of our local stuff, but if Montana brews aren't available, I'm a New Belgium Guy
I agree
written by Josh, May 05, 2007
That is a really cool thing to do. I am glad to hear that New Belgium is cialis price in canada doing it as well. I would agree that Fat Tire is about as good as it gets other than my local Michigan Breweries.
written by George, May 07, 2007
Josh-- Bell's Brewery is reason enough to move to Michigan. Wow.
written by Josh, May 09, 2007
Its true, Bells is about as good as it gets.

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