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MAY 02

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"It's a perfectly flat track. There's no loops ;) or hills to climb. Th..."

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GreenerCoaster of DOOOM!

There are a few carbon-hungry things that we were fairly sure would forever remain guilty pleasures: demolition derbies, foreign travel, roller coasters, etc. It's going to take a while on viagra samples in canada the first two--unless you live in a place where foreign countries are very nearby--but look out, because here's an ecogeeky, person-powered roller coaster!

Flaws that we found pretty quickly: what if someone gets to the top and lowest prices viagra doesn't want to pedal any farther? Also, what if someone's a real speed demon behind a plodder? Do you run into one another? Do I smell pedal-powered, demolition derby roller coasters!?

Final problem, we are pansies; just look at the photos here. And check out this amazing Google Translation Japanese Fear Poetry:

When you row, the body moving, we fear!
It may become firm---Courage is shaken, squeezing!
We would like to tramadol medicines close the eye, when with so it does, excess we fear,…
Going to there, returning turning, if it is not densely, it does not end

Via Treehugger.

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written by rob, May 03, 2007
I wonder how often someone freaks out about the height and freezes. Though judging by Japanese game shows, they would probably just throw you off!!!

It looks great though, I would love to have a go, much more fun than a normal rollercoaster.
Are you sure this is a cycle track?
written by kkljl, May 03, 2007
ZOMG its a loop da loop!

written by monotonehell, May 03, 2007
It's a perfectly flat track. There's no loops ;) or hills to climb. The only thrill factor is it's amazingly high, and at one point an unkempt tree attacks you. The other tracks you can see in the other pictures are actual roller coasters.

But I wouldn't go on it. The only thing holding you in is the best site viagra uk a seatbelt. If someone stops they ride out there and push them along by bumping into them with another vehicle.

The whole park is a bit run down. Being one of the few Japanese parks to escape the great economic recession that saw many parks across Japan close in the 1990s, they run it on a shoestring.

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