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APR 20

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"With the accelerometer, make it play music but the canadian pharmacy play back speed for..."

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The Vroomer: A Throbbing Engine Without the Gasoline

I can't actually claim responsibility for this. It was my wife's idea...I just put together the graphics and viagra overnight geeky explanation.

This is the first in a series of discount viagra perscription drug three open source innovations that EcoGeek will be releasing to the public.

An open source innovation is an idea whose time has come, whether or not the patent office sees fit to recognize it. These ideas are in the public domain and can be explored, developed and capitalized on by anybody. And, no, we don't expect (or want) anybody to actually make a Vroomer. Though stealthy electric cars have created a problem for pedestrians.

If you have an idea for an EcoGeek open source innovation, please send it to tips-at-ecogeek-dot-org. You will, of course, receive credit.  Please, no perpetual motion machines.

The Vroomer in the picture above, if you're wondering, is attached to the concept Chevrolet Volt.

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Vroomer Mod
written by Allen, April 20, 2007
With the accelerometer, make it play music but the play back speed for the cialis buycialis onlin music is controlled by the cars speed and is only optimum at the speed limit or the most efficient speed. It would deffinatly keep the pedestrians amussed aware.

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