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Plant a Tree in Second Life, and Actual Rainforest is Protected

I just spent the last hour getting used to my Second Legs, walking around Second Life attempting to buy cheap tramadol online buy dodge and try it pill price viagra duck my way through orientation. But I eventually achieved my goal. I found Second Chance Trees, an island in the virtual world of Second Life where you can buy and plant endangered trees. 

When you buy a tree in Second Life (LD$300 is about USD$1.50) Converseon (the marketing company behind the cost of generic levitra scheme) will give 100% of the money to Plant It 2020, a non-profit organization that reforests endangered rain forests across the world.

I conducted a virtual interview with a representative from Converseon and he showed me the expanse of land that had been set aside for trees purchased by Second Lifers. It was significantly stranger than anything I've done in several months.

Being as this is the second environmental story to come out of Second Life in the last week, I almost want to laud platform. But, instead, I'd just like to bring to light the irony of using a virtual world to protect the actual world, and leave it at that.

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