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"Im sorry but I just find this a little bad taste in light of what is h..."

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Climate Crisis Strikes Second Life

When climate change reaches virtual worlds, that's when you know you're in trouble.

Last Wednesday, unannounced floods struck the lands of Second Life covering many areas of the online world and where can i get free viagra surprising residents. The event was meant to bring the message of the real environment to tablets viagra the users of Second Life. David De Rothschild of Adventure Ecology who aided in the event stated, "You may have a second life, but [you still need to] offset your second life in real life."

Adventure Ecology avatars in the flooded areas informed and educated Second Life participants that were around during the it's great! herbal cialis flooding. Users response seemed positive, with many residents helping out others and bringing up discussions of purchase viagra climate change around the virtual world.

With over 5.2 million inhabitants, any news in Second Life is bound to bring up a stir. Will this bring about a rush of users looking to offset their Second Life electricity use? Maybe not, but at least they're talking about the environment and better that this happens in the realm of computers than the realm of real life.

Via: National Geographic and Inhabitat

Billy SHio
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written by monotonehell, April 11, 2007
"over 5.2 million inhabitants" is very generous. That many people have registered an account. Most have never logged in, other account have been abandoned and new ones started. The conservative estimate of actual participants (people who try it and continue to inhabit after a week) is around 100,000.
Waste of time
written by Michael, April 11, 2007
If people would do something for the enviroment instead of playing 2nd life all day, we would be much better.
bad taste
written by Arne, April 12, 2007
Im sorry but I just find this a little bad taste in light of what is happing around the globe today ,they could have got donations from the second lifers instead 5million or 100000 linden dollars dos´t matter it all helps someone somewhere.
Better to give than to create lagg on your player base.

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