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APR 05

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" know for later, but usually they get sticky or moldy b/c..."

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Bagel Spindle

OK, I just wanted to help share this with the world. Today's word is viagra for sale online ingenuity...

What do you use your old spindles for?

Via Rodrigo Piwonka on Flickr

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written by Hank, April 06, 2007
Just to be extremely uninteresting, I generally keep CDs in my spindles. I have one for backups and discount generic cialis online no prescription one for's not a terribly convenient system.
Wow that's awesome
written by Billy, April 06, 2007
I use my old spindles to cialis pills canadian hold burned CDs and DVDs ... however I use the plastic tops to hold random USB and charging cords for my gadgets. The bagel spindle is definitely the coolest use I've seen for it though. Maybe I should use it for donuts or a vegetable platter! Time to start an eco catering business.
written by Tobias, April 06, 2007
I'm boring as well, I use them for drivers, CDs from schoolbooks (which I never use) and more CD-crap. I wish I could have a bagel.
written by fred, April 06, 2007
i personally use my old spindles as bowls when my roommates won't do the dishes. believe it or not they would be cleaner than the dishes anyways.
written by Liam Rattray, April 11, 2007
I don't know about you guys but I would be worried about some nasty plastics off gassing into my meals if I used a spindle for a dish. Our world is full enough of toxic chemicals thank you very much.

How about embedding RFID's into spindles so that they can be returned back to the manufacturer. Envision a "recycling plant" that sorts through trash looking for these RFID'd products and packaging.

Heck, at some German stores consumers rip the packaging off of their products in the store, stick them into their bags, and throw the trash away into a big box that is then shipped back to the manufacturer.
written by Tracy, April 11, 2007
written by Jen, June 18, 2007
:D That is such a great idea for redefining recycling!
written by Sammie, June 24, 2007 know for later, but usually they get sticky or moldy b/c I forget and misplace them...oops.

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