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MAR 28

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Muscle Power to Electric Power

cell charger It's silly that we have so many muscles yet are so completely at a loss to viagra pharmacy in india produce power when our gadgets die. I mean, we have the power! We just don't have any way to get it into our iPod. Until now. This awesome little gadget converts your arm-power to electric power, and pumps it into your favorite gadget. It might not be as awesome as a pull-string charger, but it's a good first step.

Via SciFi Blog
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Child power!
written by rob, March 29, 2007
Finally having children comes in useful, kit them all out with one of these and buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets power the levitra generic house for free. ;)
written by Sali, March 30, 2007
what is the name of this product and where can i get it from. i have a lot of nephews and nieces i could put to work when they misbehave ;D. no seriously i would like to have one for myself, it can come in handy during emergencies.
Not very enduring...
written by Paul, April 02, 2007

While this is a great concept, the way it has been done is very bad. I had one of those, and it broke very quickly. The engineering part has been neglected....!

If I come across one that has been done well, I might give it another try...

Better Hand Gen
written by Ken Z, April 02, 2007

There is one company I know of that is working on very high conversion rates and well-manufactured durability. Of course, there is overnight viagra brand a price for that... They are demoing their final beta device at the Military Power conference in San Diego this month. I've seen the device, and it is the best by far for efficiency of power generation; blows those hand crank radios out of the water. See:

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