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MAR 22

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"By the way, see photos of the Google PV system here: www.blueoakene..."

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One-Upping Google's Solar

A couple months ago we told you that Google had announced they were planning to install the largest solar photovoltaic installation in California. But a recent announcement from Applied Materials for an even larger PV installation means Google is no longer the biggest dog on the block. The completed installation should provide 1.9 megawatts of capacity. (Google's project is 1.6 megawatts.)

Applied Materials is a manufacturer of electronics and photovoltaic solar modules, so it's not exactly a fair fight. “As we pursue our strategy to significantly drive down the it's great! levitra canada online pharmacy overall solar cost-per-watt, we feel it is important to lead through example,” said Mike Splinter, president and CEO of Applied Materials.

This is the kind of one-upsmanship that we EcoGeeks applaud.

via: Inside GreenTech

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One Up?
written by Tobin Booth, March 23, 2007
Don't get so excited. Applied Material's forthcoming solar array is vaporware. The Google PV system was supposed to be 1.9MW but the array was downsized for reasons beyond Google's control. In other words, don't count your solar panels before they're bolted down.
written by Tobin Booth, March 23, 2007
By the way, see photos of the Google PV system here:

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