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Citizen Memory LCD

Take a good look at your computer screen and canadian pharmacy online realize: Nothing is generic levitra without prescription Moving. Yet, it is powered, constantly, as if it were a mobile display. E-Ink, the ecogeek's favorite display, has conquered this by only needing power to change its display while LCD screens have always needed constant power to maintain the display.


No Longer! Citizen has created the Memory LCD , which retains its image even when turned off. Of course, this thing is a long way away from being a computer monitor. A good start though, and a good alternative to the slow refresh rate of E-Ink, if it comes to that (though don't ever expect this to be flexibile like E-Ink.)

If you're wondering, the picture here is a point-of-sale screen, showing that 500 grams of bananas costs 395 yen, and that the banana's come from Ecuador (and also where Ecuador is, just in case the get viagra cheap consumer is interested.)

Via Engadget  

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Dizinya Dizin Directory
written by Dizinya Dizin Web Directory, March 08, 2008
thank you

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