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How Many Fortune 500 Companies Does it Take to generic cialis in india Kill the Light Bulb?

{mosimage} is an absolutely gorgeous website (which can also be found at that is keeping tabs on the spread of order viagra viagra compact fluorescent light bulbs across the United States. The site was created by a coalition, the largest members of which are Yahoo! and Wal-Mart, but also includes Environmental Defense and the EPA.

Every state and reasonably large city (including my quaint little city, Missoula) has data represented at the site. That data is then broken down into dollars saved, pounds of coal saved and CO2 not released into the atmosphere.

The idea behind 18Seconds, and the coalition of companies, municipalities and organizations that support it, is that it only takes 18 Seconds (and several Fortune 500 companies) to change a light bulb. So why hasn't everyone done it yet?

I agree with them, it's a simple change that can have a profound effect. I applaud them in their effort, but expect that the low-quality bulbs Wal-Mart is selling is doing the cialis purchase cause more harm than good. More on that later.

In any case, the site is certainly worth a look, and if any EcoGeek out there is overnight shipping cialis still buying Edison bulbs, for chrissake stop!

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A bit more than 18 seconds...
written by monotonehell, February 23, 2007
I've been using compact fluros for over a decade now. I much prefer the light colour they give. It's closer to sunlight than those buzzing little filaments.

But I think they should rename their site.. after all it takes much longer than 18 seconds to change a light, if you count the trip to the store ;)
written by Hank, February 23, 2007
Well, presumably, most of go to stores every once in a while anyhow. My neighborhood grocer sells CFLs, nice ones too (though expensive.) And though they're only a block away, that still definitely isn't 18seconds.
written by monotonehell, February 25, 2007
lol We're too mean. It is a good awareness raising initiative. Over here (Australia) CFLs are about 5 times the equivalent incandescent, obviously a marketeer generated price point as they last approximately 5 times as long. So in effect they cost about the same. What's the US experience?
written by Hank, February 25, 2007
Well, it depends on the CFL you buy. There are some REALLY cheap ones. But I remain convinced that they are very poorly built and won't last anything like as long as the more expensive ones. You can get a 60-watt equivalent CFL for USD$1.50. But I generally pay more like $2.50.
CFL not long lasting and are a good deal
written by Chris Taylor, May 19, 2007
Well CFL are not long lasting. 5k to 8k is not long to me. My incandescents last 12-15k hours. A 4pack of 75 or 100watt bulbs costs $2.30 a 2 pack of 13w CFL is $7 and 23w is $5 a pop (I ONLY buy GE and Sylvania because they are the how to buy levitra only ones so far that offer a 5 year warranty I have NEVER once had a CFL last its rated lifespan in fact not even close.)

While that 23watt CFL (about the same as an 65w incandescent NOT the 100watts it claims) produces light that is virtually indistinguishable from a 60watt software white Incandescent.

While the Incan costs 60 cents and the CFL $5 the CFL costs a lot less in E. in my house a penny will net me 99.28watts of E so for a 8000 hours bulb the CFL will cost me $18.53 cents to run in its life for a net cost of $23.53 Per bulb assuming it makes it to 8000 hours lets assume 7500 hours and free viagra samples use 2 bulbs so in 15,000 hours my cost is $47.06

The Incan bulb will cost me 60 cents for 1 bulb (good for 15,000 hours and they do tend to last that long) but will cost me $113.31 in E for a total cost for 15,000 hours of light $113.91

That means that one fixture will save me $66.85 every 15,000 hours including the cost of the bulbs.

with an average usage of say 4 hours a day that means these bulbs will save me 56 cents every month. Keep in mind this is for a SINGLE fixture. If you replace 20 bulbs thats $11 a month OFF your electric bill AND your doing a good thing for the environment.

For a business its EVEN BETTER since they usually run there lights 10-18 hours EVERY single day!! My dad's shop runs 18 hour days. so a the savings for us are immediate and BIG.

for every 60watter ($4.40 a month) we replace with a 13watt cfl (95 cents a monty) we save $3.45 on the electric bill ! (actual not estimated) the PER MONTH savings along is almost enough to pay for the bulb in a single month !! and it should last 11 months at that usage!!

for each 100watter ($7.35 per month) that we replace with a 23watt cfl ($1.69 a month) we save a whopping $5.66 EACH AND EVERY MONTH !!! that means the bulb pays for itself in E savings in less than a month !! each year it will save us about $68 for a SINGLE fixture !!

NOW I personally do not think CFL is the herbal alternative to viagra future they cost too much and do not last long enough and still use up too much E. in all our display cabinets I converted from 360watts of Fluorescents to 40 watts of LED (the cabinets look brighter and cleaner with the LED's than with the FL's not enough space here to explain why its a consequence of cabinet design)

so our Monthly E bill to run the Cabinets went from $26.43 per month to where to get viagra in canada $2.93 a month !!! Saving us an actual $23.50 off our E bill each month JUST from the cabinets Alone !! another benefit is that they will last for at least 11-12 YEARS !! (minimum probably a lot longer) That means over there life they will save us at least $3102.00 dollars on the electric bill. They cost me $190 total. so they pay for themselves in less than a year (the $3102 was for 11 years not 12 I subtracted the first year to cover the cost of the bulbs)

This also does not account for the not insignificant savings of NEVER having to maintain or replace these bulbs in that 12 years!!

I replace the 100watt bulb in the public bathroom with a single LED fixture reducing power by 96 watts and again never having to replace it.

In the hallways where bright light is not needed in our specific business and in fact not desired I went from 400watts of FL to 32watts of LED. (these are special circumstances we do generic viagra wholesale not need these areas to be bright the 32watts of led produce about 1/5th the light of the 400watts of FL but the FL were OVERKILL big time soo :-)

The potential for savings is HUGE !! Not just to the environment but to our pocket books and cheap viagra canadian THAT is how you can make people stand up and take notice.

The first thing they need to do on the CFL side is buy female viagra online make the damned things last as long as they are rated to order cialis on line last. when a 60cents bulb blows early its not such a big deal when a $5 bulb blows in a 5th of its lifespan you get pissed :-) When a $5 CFL blows in a years time assuming the standard 4 hours a day it HAS saved enough money to pay for itself already ($7.65 compared to a regular bulb) but not by much it only saves $2.35 in E ($5 plus tax $5.30 for the bulb) thats not a lot of purchase viagra usa savings Especially since you ONLY get the enviro savings when it LAST A LONG TIME ie the where can i buy real cialis full 5,000 to 8,000 its rated for. That is a really fast way to turn people off of CFL's

Thats also why I only buy CFL's with a 5 year warranty. I am tired of paying $5 for a bulb and it lasting a 5th of its rated lifespan. (I have yet to have one last more than 1 year usually around 9-11 month they fizzle out on me)
written by wholesales jewelry, September 17, 2007
good website
written by Ratenkredit, October 13, 2007
excellent! ;)
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written by wedding dress, July 18, 2008
Not without risks.
written by Herb, September 30, 2008
Every time I see big corporations move into something like this, I always think "Agenda".

CFL's have some major downsides that are often overlooked that people need to consider.

1) CFL's cost much more to make, and consume vast amounts more energy to make, and have a lot of additional parts in them. All of this dramatically increases their environmental impact - something people overlook.

2) CFL's contain enough Mercury to poison an entire home. If you break one you need to take major precautions or you will be calling a Hazmat in to your home. Also this mercury is bio-accumulative.

3) CFL's can't be tossed out in the trash. They are a bio-hazard, and have to be taken to a HazMat disposal site. Otherwise the mercury and other toxic substances in them accumulate in the environment and cause groundwater toxicity.

4) CFL's cause dirty electric. This is complicated, basically the more electronics in your home, the dirtier the EMF coming off your home electrical system. These can cause health issues for some people and children. CFL's everywhere in a home only magnify this problem.

5) CFL's pulse rapidly, faster than most people can consciously notice, but not faster than your brain picks up. As a result CFL's have been known to cause headaches, eyestrain, and other issues.

6) CFL's give off a poor quality yellow-tone light, this tone of light causes eye strain, fatigue, and a general stress. GE_Reveal are as close as you can get to natural daylight, and are very healthy.

7) Cheap CFL's only last marginally longer than a high quality incandescent, yet cost 10-20 times more money.

8) CFL's give off a lot of EMF, normal bulbs don't give off any for the most part. A lot of people are becoming sensitive to EMF due to cheap prescription levitra saturation in homes these days, so this can be an issue.

Personally for me, about 2 years ago I replaced every bulb in the home with CFL. Earlier this year I began taking them BACK OUT and putting in GE-Reveal Bulbs.

The quality of light is vastly improved after I removed them.

Sure CFL's "Seem" to cost less because they use less power, but the reality is, the cost of CFL's actually about the same but the impact of that cost is hidden behind the scenes.
written by asdfjsd, November 20, 2008
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