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JAN 23

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"I too noticed the brand new CDs. Quincy High School should be ashamed ..."

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What to do with all those "Coasters"

{mosimage}The moniker of a corrupted CD is, awesomely enough, a direct reference to re-use. In a household with too much mountain dew and 100 mg tramadol not enough design sense, the inevitable corrupted CD became a 'coaster.'

But what else can you do with all those old AOL CDs? Our friends over at TechEBlog have put together a list, from discoballs, to sweet looking lamps, to some painfully ridiculous sculptures. It's worth a look. My suggestion, however, would be to get a nicer burner and buy quality CDs so this doesn't happen quite so often.

My favorite by far has got to be the miniature hovercraft.

Via TechEBlog

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Yeah, but...
written by Daniel Lunsford, January 26, 2007
If you look at the photos of that massive disco ball, you can see all those CD's were brand new (still in plastic). So, yeah, if the tramadol 180 cod feww ahipping CDs were corrupted... that would be a sweet idea.
written by Celia, February 07, 2007
OOOOOOOOO, sparkly
ecobad school
written by Andrew S, February 14, 2007
I too noticed the brand new CDs. Quincy High School should be ashamed of themselves!

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