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JAN 16

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"I just want to say that it is the general concensus of the NAIAS blogg..."

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Hank at the North American International Auto Show

OK, I've been debating whether to post this for a while. It's a video from my time at the North American International Auto Show. It isn't directly targeted at the EcoGeek crowd, but I figure at least some of you will enjoy it.
A little behind the scenes action of press days at a humongous auto show, the ridiculousness of it, the personal conflict, the girls in evening dresses...etc. The video was made for, Brotherhood 2.0, podcast I'm doing with my brother. Basically, we've decided to stop communicating through any means other than video blogs. So, yeah, the unseen observer is my brother, but we're allowing people to listen in at
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Fun video
written by Michael Graham richard, January 18, 2007
Fun stuff, Hank. Actually the first time I see you other than on photographs. I'll check out the bro 2.0 site, sounds like an interesting concept.


jus ttesting delete me
written by test, January 18, 2007
yeah, it's a test
EcoGeek is hilarious
written by Trend Hunter, January 25, 2007
I just want to say that it is the general concensus of the NAIAS bloggers that Hank is Hilarious! Rock on Hank!

Trend Hunter

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