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Altair Nanotech. Delivers Batteries to Phoenix Motorcars

altairnanoThe first ten batteries have been delivered to Phoenix Motorcars from Altair Nanotechnologies. These lithium ion packs use a new ceramic nano-material that, while lowering the power density, makes the batteries much safer. Altair says that the discount generic cialis batteries can be over-charged with a nail driven through them and indian viagra they still won't explode.

Adding to our suspicion that the Phoenix Sport Utility Vehicle will be rather expensive, the cost of the tof the first shipment was roughly $750,000. However, most of that so it's hard to imagine that these vehicles will be available for less than the $100,000 Tesla pricetag. But most of that has to be engineering fees. The per-battery cost has not yet been released, but is probably between $15,000 and $20,000 a piece. They will have a smaller pricetag and a longer range than any other EV on the road, but they will be more expensive and have a shorter range than any similar gasoline powered car.

Unfortunately, reports that the Phoenix SUT was the perfect electric car are premature. But it is viagra doses a step in the right direction. The new batteries can also charge extremely rapidly at 400 volt charging stations, but will take several hours to charge at a residential outlet.
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